POZ Interview: Iwrestledabearonce

by Zack Zarrillo - Jul 18, 2012


PropertyOfZack visited Warped Tour a few days ago, and editor in chief Emily Coch had a chance to do a brief interview with Iwrestledabearonce. Emily, Ricky, and Mikey spoke about Warped Tour, a surprise pregnancy that resulted in Krysta leaving the tour, the band’s true fans, world touring, future writing, and the likelihood that Krysta has permanently left Iwrestledabearonce. Check out the full interview below!  

Could you state your names and roles in Iwrestledabearonce?
Ricky: I’m Ricky and I play bass.
Mikey: I’m Mikey and I play drums.

The band has had an interesting Warped Tour so far. Putting aside Krysta’s pregnancy for a minute, how were the dates before that?
Mikey: Great. It’s been really impressive. We’ve had a good time.
Ricky: It was really hot in the beginning, but we’ve handled that fairly well.

Obviously any band who loses a member temporarily goes through hell trying to find the right replacement, but losing a member to pregnancy right in the middle of the tour without warning is just crazy. What were you guys feeling when that happened?
Ricky: I don’t know. It was a big kick in the sack. To be honest, just for us to pick up without skipping a beat, took a lot of hard work mentally. It’s fine now. It gets better every day.
Mikey: It can’t get any worse [Laughs].

Can you talk about your replacement for her and how that all came together?
Ricky: It was by random chance that there was a band out of Canada that we share similarities with soundwise that people even think they’re us from Canada. As a joke, someone said as a joke that we could get that girl in the band to replace Krysta, and the next thing you know she’s on a flight to Warped Tour.
Mikey: She was super stoked and she’s super grateful. This is the funnest job on the planet, and she still sees it that way. A lot of people lose sight of that. The sun takes it out of you and you sleep in your bunk until 4PM and you feel like a vampire. Before you know it you want to kill yourself. For anyone with a normal brain, this is the job to have.

How have the performances been since you’ve brought Courtney in?
Mikey: I would say at first that she didn’t know the songs down 100%. The more she listens to the record and plays with us, she’s nailing parts everyday. I haven’t heard bad stuff at all.
POZ: Have you made any adjustments on her end to help her?
Mikey: Just try to sit with her to explain to her. We went through the click tracks with her one time and then literally through her on-stage. It was a brutal.

Warped Tour this year is a less metal crowd than in previous years, but have your fans been coming out to support?
Ricky: We’re on the Ernie Ball Stage. For the size of what allows, there have been days where there haven’t been enough room. Kids wrap around the stage. There are major bands on some of the smaller stages to draw kids in.
Mikey: It’s been great.

What has your set list been like?
Ricky: They’ve been awesome, but they just go by too fast. The show must go on, in the words of my man crush, Freddy Mercury.

Ruining It For Everybody was released around a year ago. How has the response been compared to your first record?
Ricky: We don’t have fairweather fans. We have fans that are balls to the wall all the time. Like you said, it’s not a metal Warped Tour, but kids are in it for the metal all the time.
Mikey: We have a semi-cult following by the same people who would watch old school horror movies. We have the type of fans that are obsessed.

The band has gotten pretty big pretty quickly. Is seeing your crowd on Warped and in support of this record very humbling in that sense?
Ricky: It just rules. We’re kind of all speechless every day. The stage isn’t always in a great spot, but when you shut off the light, all the cockroaches come out, and that’s how it is. Once it’s over, the light goes back on and everyone disperses. 

What bands have you been most looking forward to see?
Mikey: I love Bayside and Pierce The Veil.
Ricky: New Found Glory.
Mikey: One of my favorite bands on the tour are Falling In Reverse. Ronnie Radke reminds me of watching The Rocky Horror Show. He’s one of my favorite people too. He’s a super rad dude. 

What’s on tap following Warped?
Ricky: Right after Warped we’re driving to Montreal from the other side of the US to play Heavy MTL with Slipknot and our other favorite bands. Also, we just announced a European tour. Everyone’s confused, but we’re announcing the rest of a world tour. 

Will the band be working on new material any time soon?
Ricky: The world tour thing will be taking up most of 2012, so at the beginning of next year. Hopefully it doesn’t take a long time.

Krysta being pregnant I would imagine makes the band re-imagine some things. What may change until she’s ready to go again? Or might she leave permanently? 
Ricky: I’m going to say she’s permanently gone.
Mikey: Fingers crossed though.

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