The Word Alive’s Telle Smith Discusses Being A Frontman

by Zack Zarrillo - Jul 23, 2012

Tyler “Telle” Smith, the singer of The Word Alive, recently wrote an op-ed on his ethos on being a frontman. Check out the full article here or read a selection below by clicking “Read More.”

So you think you want to be a rock star?  I mean, why not?  It seems glorious: the endless nights of partying, the girls, the screaming fans. Is that really what you want?  Is that why you want to be a musician? For me, it’s far different.  I grew up going to a small school with a divorced family and not a lot of money.  My favorite dog died.  Sounds like the start of a country song, right?  My point is this: We come from all walks of life but most aspire to be something great.  A doctor, a lawyer, a sports star or a rock star.  Rock star is definitely top five, and while they probably don’t always admit it, I’d venture to say that those doctors and lawyers still have daydreams of being on stage for thousands of fans.

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