Brandon Bolmer Opens Up About Career Post-Chiodos

by Zack Zarrillo - Jul 24, 2012

Brandon Bolmer has moved on from Chiodos to Maskarade, but recently opened up about his life since parting ways with the band. Check out what he had to say below by clicking “Read More.”

What has been going on in your life since the split with Chiodos?
BRANDON BOLMER: Since I left, most of my time has been focused on developing Maskarade—that’s pretty much all I do. I spend about 80 percent of my life on a computer, writing music and designing artwork. It’s been challenging trying to start a new project by myself, but above all, I’m happy to be making my dreams come to life.

There are days that I feel very frustrated, lost and unsure of how this will all pan out. When you go from touring a lot to a long stretch of no shows and you’re at home dying to get back out there, it’s hard. I can’t wait to play shows again. It’s going to take a little bit of time, but I’ll get there. There’s no turning back now. There’s nothing else I want to do, and I’ve basically left no other option for myself. I have no back-up plan. It’s scary sometimes, but screw it. I’d rather die doing what I love than sacrifice those things to make a living doing something I hate.

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