POZ Interview: Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!

by Zack Zarrillo - Jul 27, 2012


PropertyOfZack had the chance to interview Bert from Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! a few weeks ago for a brief interview at Warped Tour. Bert and I discussed the band’s first Warped Tour, being an international band, their partnership with Fearless, a new album, future touring, and more. Check it all out below!

Can you state your name and role in Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!?
Hey, this is Bert. I am the singer of Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!

Warped Tour has been going on for a month so far, and it’s your first time doing it. I’m sure it’s been a trip. How has it been?
This is great. We’ve been dreaming about Warped Tour for a long time now. And now we’re playing it. This is great. This is even bigger than I expected. We are having a lot of fun. 

You guys have done some US touring, but not a ton. Was it hard to adjust to this at first because it’s so intense?
Yeah. We’ve been touring here for like one year and at first it was very difficult because of the language barrier and stuff like that. But we’re getting used to it. We’re still new; still a new band. But we’re getting used to tours and we’re having a lot of fun doing Warped. 

Warped Tour is a dream for so many bands. What are some of your favorite bands to see every day while on this tour?
My favorite band on this tour; my favorite band ever is on this tour actually, is Yellowcard. I saw them live and for me that was the greatest show. Yeah. 

You signed with Fearless to start pushing into America. Has that relationship been great so far?
Oh yeah, I’m very glad that we got signed onto Fearless. For me it’s one of the best labels out there for that kind of music. They don’t have a lot of bands compared to other labels, but they treat every band great. So we’re very glad to be on it, yeah. 

Would you say they are the biggest reason that you guys have been able to play in America so quickly?
We are a French band but we want to sound American so obviously we won’t sing in French. We want to make American music. So yeah. 

You guys re-released your album for here after you put it out for Europe. Have fans in the US been enjoying the album?
Our biggest crowd and biggest fan base, I think, is The United States. It’s not in Europe. We’re not even famous in our own country. Which is weird. I love the crowd reaction. Very big response every time. We’ve never been disappointed here. You know, in Europe, sometimes in some countries you can be disappointed. 

What’s next for touring?
We are currently writing the next album. So this is going to be our main priority, to finish writing it. And we’re going to record. We have some other tours planned already, but it’s not announced yet. 

How far is writing? Is it almost done?
Yeah. Like ninety percent done. 

How does it compare to the last album?
It’s going to be… Well you take the first album and it’s going to be more heavier and more melodic at the same time; more contrasted. That’s the idea.

When would you like to record the album?
It’s going to be… I don’t know if I can say it, actually. I can check.

In the fall?
No, it’s going to be… I’m not sure actually. Maybe I can, maybe I cannot. 

So for the future, you’ll just be writing and recording and then you’ll tour after that?
Yeah. We’ll be here before the end of the year. We’ll come back before the end of the year. Once again, I cannot say anything because the label will kill me.

For the future is your main priority touring in America? Compared to Europe?
I don’t know because we’ve been touring mainly in America for one year now. I think we should do another European tour. We will tour in other, new countries in the next year, but once again I cannot say anything. I don’t know. But for sure we will be back here soon. 

Has this summer been a dream come true for you guys?
Yes. Definitely. This is a dream that’s come true. 

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