POZ BandsOnBands: Anchor & Braille On Morrissey

by Zack Zarrillo - Jul 30, 2012

Mondays mean BandsOnBands, and we’re excited to be posting the still-new PropertyOfZack feature today with Anchor & Braille. The band is gearing up to release their sophomore album, The Quiet Life, tomorrow via Tooth & Nail Records, so make sure to download the LP here. In this week’s feature, Stephen Christian dives into one of his largest influences, Morrissey. Stephen’s journey of discovering Morrissey and subsequently The Smiths is an incredibly interesting story and worth reading for any fan of Anchor & Braille, Anberlin, or Morrissey himself. Make sure to listen to great songs by Morrissey and The Smiths on Spotify here and check out what Stephen had to say about one of his biggest influences below!

From Stephen Christian of Anchor & Braille:

I had let a friend of mine stay with me for the last few weeks of our junior year in high school, he was having troubles at home and just needed a place to crash while his parents sorted out what was left of their relationship. he and I drew pretty close and he introduced me to dance music, and I turned him on to new school punk rock.

About a month later things at home were straight, and he was packing up his cardboard box-turned-suitcase. as a gift he left me with two items that I still have to this day: A navy peacoat that belonged to a family member and a copy Vauxhall And I, an album that looked like that it had been in a few different cardboard boxes for a  couple of years prior. the cover was an off-peach color and a solitaire man posed on the cover. Though both of us exposed each other to new types of music, our tastes never amalgamated so my expectations of this new acquisition were rather low.

The album sat on my shelf for a few months until one day the weather prohibited me from going anywhere else. As I stared up at the ceiling each lullaby sank deeper and deeper, by the end of the night I had listened to the record on repeat for more than 3 1/2 hours. For the next year, the album never left my player. Ironically, it would take more than a year to learn that this singer was actually a part of a band a decade prior called The Smiths, whom would become the most influential band in my musical career.  

Morrissey slowly evolved into this mythological rock icon seated only next to Paul and John for me. It wasn’t just the haunting melodies, the unique timbre, or out of character lyrics for me; it was the conundrum and mystery that is Morrissey. His classic style and inspiration still echo’s through music from oasis to the shins.

I encountered Morrissey only once in my life. It involved his favorite tavern in Los Angeles called The Cat And Fiddle. The moment he walked in I was frozen with awe, just being in the same vicinity was enough for me. Great musicians will come and go, but icons will live on forever.

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