Chiodos Discuss Infamous “Thermacare” Demo

by Zack Zarrillo - Jul 31, 2012

The final song the original lineup of Chiodos worked on together was a demo called “Thermacare” that went on to be both a song seen on D.R.U.G.S.’ only album as well as Chiodos’ single release with Brandon Bolmer. In a new feature, members of the newly-reunited Chiodos discuss the demo in-depth. Check out part of what the band had to say below by clicking “Read More.”

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Owens remembers that despite many of the band members’ intentions, they weren’t able to get all the writing done before Warped had ended. “We only got one song done,” he says. “[The writing of the record] was still in the beginning stages. We were all writing, and I was so unhappy with myself and with where everything had gone. I just wouldn’t even show up [to write]. I wasn’t happy and I felt like we had a lot to discuss and work on, but communication between us was just done at that point. Nobody was talking to anybody and I felt like we couldn’t get anything done.”

One demo that did come to fruition was “Thermacare.” Those who heard it during the final few weeks of Warped 2009 ascribed to one opinion: This was the song that was going to take Chiodos forward and upward. Many point to the work of Goldfinger frontman/producer John Feldmann, who had started writing with Owens months before Warped Tour began and was in consideration to be the producer of Chiodos’ next record. Feldmann met Owens for the first time on a day off while performing in Australia at the Soundwave Festival with Goldfinger. “[Goldfinger] really don’t hang out on days off anymore after all these years, so I was just kinda doing my own thing,” he recalls. “I was just walking across this crosswalk and Craig Owens was coming the other way and I had actually seen him on the cover of AP—that’s how I knew who he was. It was a total coincidence because out of the 80 or so bands on Soundwave, out of the three people that I met, Craig Owens was one of them.”

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