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by Zack Zarrillo - Jan 25, 2011


Jack Burns of Decoder was kind enough to answer some questions for PropertyOfZack in a brief interview. Jack and I discussed the band’s time in the studio, the initial reception to their debut full-length, touring plans, and more. Read up and enjoy!

For the record, could you state your name and role in Decoder?
Jack Burns and I play guitar in Decoder.
The band released its debut album just days ago via Rise Records. How has the initial reaction from listeners been so far?
Outstanding. Everyone so far has been so has been pretty stoked for the most part.
Over what time period were the songs written? And how was the writing process more in general?
Between June 2010-August 2010It started with a few ideas then full band jams to grasp the feel and then vocals added in after a basic structure was laid down. Then we went back over it and changed what we felt needed to be better.

What was it like working together compared to writing in your past bands?
I felt it was alot more organic and we really took our time with it and the overall idea of how we wanted everything to sound at the end as oppose to writing song by song.

One of the most frequent comments regarding the release is that it just doesn’t sound like a debut. Is that a product of having past experience in the studio? How was your time in the studio for the recording of the album?
Yes, for me this was my fourth time going into the studio for an extended period of time. I think so far this was my favorite, simply because of the amount of experimentation I ended up being able to do, like jamming different riffs and parts before having to have a final part. 

It was announced in the summer that Decoder had signed with Rise Records. Obviously Rise is one of the bigger indie labels in the scene, but they also have a bad reputation. Was that a concern at all when signing to them, and how has your relationship been so far with the label?
I really wouldn’t say they have a bad reputation, but people do have a basic of idea of what a Rise band might sound like. But it somewhat has helped to be distinguished right off the bat as something a little different. And as far as our relationship with Rise, it always has and will always be amazing. Those guys really believe in us and what were doing and we’re so gracious to have that support.
Decoder will be heading out on their first big tour with Emarosa, Chiodos, and Go Radio in February. How badly are you looking forward to this run of dates?
I would have to say that beyond stoked would be an understatement. This is huge for our band and we can’t wait to get out there and show the kids and these bands what were really about.
What should we expect the set to be like?
A set that will really put a vibe in the room and make you feel a little un-easy, but completely satisfied after.
After the Emarosa tour, which ends in early March, there is nothing else on the books. When can we look for more dates to be announced? Is anything concrete yet?
Nothing concrete yet, but we plan to be touring as much as we can this year so expect dates for March/April semi-soon.
Can you discuss what the base plan in terms of touring is for the rest of the year?
Simply be on the road as much as we can. The more shows we play the happier we and the fans will be.
The band is shooting a music video in the not too distant future. When might that be released, and can you reveal what song the video will correspond to?
We’re shooting the first week of February and I believe it will come out a month or two later, so Aprilish I’m assuming. And we can’t necessarily say, but its one of the three original songs we’ve posted.
Are there any b-sides off of the record that we might see being released in the upcoming months?
Nope, it’s a nice idea but we were unable to do so.
Thanks so much for your time, is there anything else you’d like to add or that we should be on the lookout for?
No, thank you so much for the interview! I’d like to add thank you to anyone who digs our band. Also that it would mean the world to us if you went out and purchased a physical copy of the CD at Hot Topic, Fye, or support your local record store and help keep music alive. And keep up to date with us at

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