Dikembe ‘Broad Shoulders’ Track-By-Track

by Zack Zarrillo - Aug 17, 2012

Dikembe have posted a track-by-track for their new album Broad Shoulders. Check out the full write-up here or read a selection below by clicking “Read More.”

Indie rockers Dikembe’s Broad Shoulders offers an upbeat, raspy take on the resurgence of ’90s emo with a dash of their Gainesville, Florida punk roots shining through. Frontman Steven Gray gave AP  the backstory for each song on the new album, which focuses on his growing pains as he exits college, gets married and finds a “real” job.

“Nothing. Stuff.”
When we originally put this song together, I planned on leaving it instrumental. But as I started coming up with lyrics for the record, a definite theme started to show up throughout the songs. I realize that every jaded punk dude is going to roll their eyes when I say this, but I have done a lot of growing up this past year. I graduated from college, got an actual job and moved somewhere new while I was finishing school. All of the songs on the record were, in some way, shape or form, about growing up. I decided that the minute or so blank slate on the first track was a good opportunity to present this theme, and made the choice to go for it. The lyrics are a metaphor involving trees. Trees grow, right?

“Apology Not Fucking Accepted”
If there is one thing I do not understand in a post-millennium world, it is racism. The idea that a predisposed judgment can be made about someone based solely on their skin color is ludicrous to me. I am not even talking about making concessions like, “They aren’t all bad.” No one is bad. We are all human beings. At the pizza place I used to work at, I encountered a ton of racism and one employee was very vocal about his ignorant opinions. It got to the point where I asked management if I could never work with him ever again. They agreed, but I still would see him in passing. I was so angry about this guy that I began questioning how I deal with things. I couldn’t find it in myself to confront him, but couldn’t stand being around him. In essence, I wrote a song about how as you get older, you begin to change how you deal with things. On the surface, though, I wrote a song about a fucking idiot who will never hear it.

“I Watch A Lot Of Jackie Chan Movies”
At face value, this song is about how I don’t understand the inner workings of houses. One night I was lying in bed, while my house made all sorts of crazy noises. I realized at that moment that there was all sorts of shit happening within the walls of my house that I couldn’t even begin to understand. I got it in my head that some of that stuff could go wrong, and my house could explode at any given instant.

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