POZ Special: The Industry With Jesse Cannon

by Zack Zarrillo - Aug 18, 2012

It’s been a few weeks, but Jesse Cannon, the man behind Cannon Found Soundation Recording Studios (Man Overboard, The Menzingers, Transit, Lifetime) and Musformation, is back after a short summer break with a great new Industry feature in our ongoing series. In this week’s feature, Jesse discusses Artists.MTV, Rdio’s expansion, LiveNation’s CEO, Kim Dotcom, and much, much more. Check it all out below!

Artists.MTV has gotten one step closer to launching. The service looks to be aiming at filling the void left by MySpace as a be-all-end-all source for bands Internet presence. Offering the ability to sell merch, post videos photographs and update information easily in a clean way, this looks like it has serious potential. They also offer an easy way to submit music for MTV Airplay on various shows. Stay Tuned.

If you use Rdio and you are some punk nerd who loves unsigned bands and your smaller local heroes you have probably been disappointed that the service never seems to have them on their service. All of that has changed as Rdio has signed a licensing deal with CD Baby and TuneCore enabling DIY bands to have the same access as major labels and big indies. David’s bout to whoop Goliath’s ass.

Speaking of TuneCore, two of their founding members Peter Wells and Jeff Price have been pushed out of the company. The two were active and vocal members who fought for musicians and were consistently some of the most on top of it people I have dealt with in the music business. Peter would consistently comment on Musformation posts offering help to musicians and Jeff was an active blogger for musicians rights and took on great fights that defended DIY musicians. This leaves me and many other members of the music business fearing for TuneCore’s future plans. Let’s hope for the best and look forward to what these two do next.

Clown douchebag LiveNation CEO, Irving Azoff plans to sell 2 million of his shares of his company. While no clear reason is given, it can be deducted that the guy at the top of the ladder finally got word that his company that does everything to rip off music fans in any way they can, may just be a stinking piece of crap.

SoundExchange has updated its list of money it has collected for musicians who are to lazy to claim their own royalties. This means they have collected royalties for you for online or satellite radio plays and you didn’t register with them to get that money. Are you on it? If so, pat yourself on the back for being good enough to get people to listen to your music and too lazy to get paid for it. Hope the couch in your Mom’s basement is as comfortable as it looks.

Bandcamp now allows musicians to sell their music on their service! This feature has been a long time coming and while it is subject to Bandcamps 10-15% fee it allows musicians to get their merch to fans who are already coming to this great service.

Did you see the raid on Kim Dotcom’s (or as I like to call him “Not-So-Lil-Kim”) house when they took down the MegaUpload founder? Crazy! Well despite this epic raid, Not-So-Lil-Kim is still claiming he is going to launch his direct-to-fan platform Megabox. I imagine a jail cell isn’t the best startup incubator.

Musician Zoe Keating gave a glimpse inside what the royalties of a DIY musician looks like. While they are healthy, I hate to break it to you, but you just won’t be able to buy that Fendi bag for your girlfriend anytime soon.

Speaking of how poor you are, Skrillex made $15 million dollars last year making music that sounds like an electronic garbage truck with a drum machine installed in it. Yeah, it may be time to pull the trigger.

Spotify is now on the Kindle Fire. If you can find the one person who cares about this news I applaud you.

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