POZ Playlist: Daybreaker, The American Scene

by Zack Zarrillo - Aug 21, 2012

Daybreaker and The American Scene are out on a great mini-tour right now along the West Coast. PropertyOfZack has put both bands together for a new Playlist to support the tour. Check out the Playlists and listen to the songs on Spotify while reading everyone’s thoughts!

Gratitude - Feel Alright
One of the best bands ever to only have one release. I’m a fan of all things Jonah (Far, Onelinedrawing, etc.) and this is no exception. Great summer record to sing real loud.
Baroness - Board Up The House
Been a huge fan of these guys since First. They’re one of the only bands that can keep putting out new material that doesn’t sound anything like their previous record, and kill it every time, which is super hard. Deftones are the only other band that comes to mind that can keep evolving and be sick every time.
Gregory Alan Isakov - Big Black Car
I first heard of this guy when his song “If I Go, I’m Goin’” was on an episode of Californication. Initially I swore it was a Ryan Adams song that I had somehow never heard (I have about 3 full days worth of Ryan Adams bootlegs and b-sides/demos, so I thought I had heard them all). I looked into it and it was just a guy that sounded like him (in the best way possible).
Smashing Pumpkins - The Chimera
I was skeptical about the new record. The album ended up being awesome and this is my favorite track from it. Very reminiscent of Siamese-era Pumpkins without just being a rehash. 
The Gaslight Anthem - Keepsake
If you’ve heard my band before then it’s probably not a secret that I like The Gaslight Anthem. One of my most anticipated records of the year, and it surpassed my expectations. Hard for me to just pick one song from here.
Jimmy Eat World - Over
The best song from an underrated release, Stay On My Side Tonight is what I would classify as my favorite Jimmy Eat World “release”. So solid from front to back and a little looser than their records.
Pearl Jam - Corduroy
I’ve actually been listening to a lot of Pearl Jam as a whole lately, I showed PJ20 (the Pearl Jam documentary by Cameron Crowe) to some of the American Scene guys recently and since then I’ve been jamming them a little more than usual. This is my favorite PJ song…other than State of Love and Trust.
Minus The Bear - Burying Luck
Specifically the acoustic version from their Acoustics record. I have an annual two months a year where I listen to Minus The Bear’s entire catalogue non-stop and we’re currently in the midsts of said period. The electric version is real too.
Make Do And Mend - St. Anne
Far and away my favorite song on Everything You Ever Loved. Huge Make Do fan, I love the Lucero influence on the record.
The American Scene - Safe For Now
I listened to this record every morning when I woke up and every night when I went to sleep this summer when I was working on Warped Tour. The whole record is amazing and this is my favorite track. Don’t tell them I said this though, we’re in the van together for this tour and I don’t want things to be weird. 

Pg.Lost - I am A Destroyer

This record came out earlier this year (March, I think) and totally blew me away. We were on tour with TSSF / Handguns / I Call Fives and I was listening to was this song on repeat in the van. I’m a huge post-rock buff. 
The Appleseed Cast - Ice Heavy Branches
Matt & I (Jeff) have an absurd love for TAC. Definitely a must include summer jam, even though this is from 2003. I hope you can hear some of the influences on the new record. 
Silian Rail - Young Moon *Song is not on Spotify
Silian Rail one of the best bands to ever come from the bay area. Nuff’ said. 
Baths - Mecca Joy *Song is not on Spotify
I listen to this song as soon as a wake up. Great jam to get your day going and get you on your toes as far as thinking about what you need to do. 
Foals - Blue Blood
I religiously listen to Foals during summer. They’re just one of those bands that constantly gets it right. Saw them play in San Diego once and it was incredible. 
Schoolboy Q - Blessed
Best rap album of 2012 I feel. This guy is so real. 
Bon Iver - Minnesota, WI
No explanation needed for how great this record is for any time in your life. 
Now, Now - Magnet
Everyone in TAS is addicted to “Threads”. I like this song the best because of the poly - rhythmic hi-hat beat in the verse. 
The Joy Formidable - Whirring
I recently listened to this band’s full album. It’s surprisingly wonderful. Guitar Solos. 
Clams Casino - Natural
Clams Casino is the guy who makes a lot of beats for ASAP rocky, Lil’ B and other random people. His tracks are great just by themselves, especially this one. The mix of vocal samples and delayed drums really hits home.

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