POZ Playlist: Favorite Gentlemen Tour

by Zack Zarrillo - Aug 24, 2012

All Get Out, Death On Two Wheels, Harrison Hudson, and Junior Astronomers are nearing the end of the 2012 Favorite Gentlemen Tour, but we’re stoked to keep the tour going with a brand new PropertyOfZack Playlist from all the bands on the tour. Check out the Playlists and listen to the songs on Spotify while reading everyone’s thoughts!

Jack White - I’m Shakin’ 
Jack White has become an American household name- one of those those prolific classic guitar icons. There isn’t anything better coming from Detroit these days, except for maybe that Red Dawn remake (though i have a feeling Tom Cruise’s kid might be crazy enough to ruin the movie anyway).
Muse - Survival
The official song for the 2012 Olympics showcases this track by Muse trying to sound like Queen. Regardless, I’m a huge fan of Olympic competition, and the last few records Muse released. It’s a sports anthem that makes me want to chant, USA… USA…!
The Sheepdogs - Who
After winning the Rolling Stone Magazine’s Choose the Cover competition The Sheepdogs have been shifting the public gaze their way at an impressive rate. Look out for their new release on Atlantic records produced by The Black Key’s drummer. An appropriately named song with impressive harmonies and a formulaic 70s-era vintage structure reflects bands like the Who.
Metric - Breathing Underwater
Metric is another Canadian four piece indie rock outfit that’s loosely connected to Broken Social Scene. They’ve been making waves across North America for years, and Breathing Underwater is certainly a standout track off Synthetica. 
Killer Mike - Big Beast
Featured on Outkast’s Stankonia, Killer Mike has been representing underground Hip-Hop inAtlanta for years.  El-P’s production shines throughout the standout track Big Beast featuring T.I. (fresh out of prison) off his 6th studio album. There’s an epic nine-minute music video Directed by Thomas Bingham (see: Mastadon’s Deathbound) which is well worth the watch.  - Jonathan Corley
Cursive - Big Bang
The fact that they were able to make this song so chaotic, heavy, yet simple blows my mind every time. I’m still trying to take it all in.
Colour Revolt - These Few Presidents (Daytrotter Why? Cover) *Song is not on Spotify
The first time I heard the original recording of this song by the band why?, it was on repeat for weeks. I couldn’t have imagined anyone covering this and it actually sounding good. But Colour revolt did just that, and then some. Now Colour Revolt’s cover of that song has been on repeat. it’s great. just check it out for yourself. 
Elliott Smith - King’s Crossing
I don’t know that i can do this song any justice by trying to describe it. I’ll just say that it has changed the way i want to write, play, and record. It’s not only a beautifully written song but recorded as well. A true masterpiece. 
Elliott Smith - Don’t Go Down
Ok so I’m obsessed with Elliott, But he has been taking up about 90 percent of what I’m listening to recently. The over compressed cymbals play a huge part of why i love this song. I swear the first time i heard this song on vinyl it almost knocked me down. 
Sainthood Reps - Monoculture
I got the pleasure of spending 6 weeks touring with these guys. The recording of this song is captured perfectly. You can really feel the intensity and passion of the band as if you were standing front row at one of there shows. They truly hold nothing back live and in the studio. - Gordon Keiter 

blink-182 - Asthenia 
We were talking about beginnings today and they take me back, and it reminds me of someone back home i really miss.
Pinback - From Nothing to Nowhere
They find a way to use similar melodies for the instruments and vocals inside other parts of the song. And it gets me pumped. - Greg Neel
The Gaslight Anthem - 45
A relatively new tune that has the feel of a classic song that you  know and love. It’s rare to find those songs anymore but gaslight pulls it off pretty effortlessly.
Queens Of The Stoneage - 3’s and 7’s *Song is not on Spotify
I’m a fan of any song that makes you feel like a badass when you listen to it. There’s a lot of Queenssongs that do that, this one especially.  - J. Betts 
Zeus - That’s All (Genesis Cover)
I’m into really interesting covers, especially when you wouldn’t think a band would cover that band, and especially when their version takes the song to a completely different place than the original. That’s this song. - Trae Vedder
Dustin Kensrue - I Knew You Before
This song just makes me feel. It wells up inside of you. There’s really just something about Dustin’s voice that does that in general.
Kendrick Lamar - Hol’ Up
The song just makes me feel badass. Andrew Averso
Frank Ocean ft. Earl Sweatshirt - Super Rich Kids 
Love the Bennie and the Jets-esque piano part and Earl Sweatshirt is just cool as hell.
Refused - Worms of the Senses / Faculties of the Skull
One of my favorite lines to an album ever.
Bruce Springsteen - Livin in the Future
The only thing that wasn’t perfect about the Atlanta stop of the Wrecking Ball tour is that he didn’t play this song off of Magic. My favorite song off an incredible album. - Daniel Gleason  

The Features - Golden Comb 
I love this band. This song is a great sampling of their ability to weave melody and blues into one sound. It’s great. Listen. You’re Welcome. 
Emily West - Blue Sky (feat. Keith Urban)
Emily is a friend and one of the greatest talents I’ve ever seen grace a stage. She has more content in other outlets.
Frederic Chopin, Vladmir Feltsman - Nocturne in E-Flat Major, Op. 9, No.2
No one can write music more beautiful and say more with no words than Chopin, in my opinion. A single instrument and it does so much.
The Animals - It’s My Life
If you ever wondered where The Black Keys got their sound. Look to the Animals as a huge influence. They blow my mind and were so groundbreaking in their time. 
Sam Cooke - Cry Me A River 
Sam has my favorite voice. He makes it seem effortless. I want his voice every day I wake. And this is WAY better that Timberlake’s record. Kids, this is how songs are to be written. - Harry
Electric Light Orchestra - Turn to Stone 
One of my favorite ELO songs. Gotta love the sweet strings/Rock&Roll combo.
Coconut Records - Any Fun
Great pop song. Honest writing. Always gets stuck in my head.
Glenn Yarbrough - Rich Gal, Poor Gal
Love the clever quirky lyrics by my favorite vibrato vocalist.
Jeremy Enigk - Explain
One of the first songs I ever truly felt the singer was delivering from the heart. Very believable. 
America - You Can Do Magic  
One of my favorite harmonies. It’s hard to beat. - Shaun

Frank Ocean ft. Andre 3000 - Pink Matter
This is my favorite song of 2012. Plus there’s a dragon ball z reference and that just doesn’t happen in a lot of songs (or any?) -Terrence
Childish Gambino ft. Schoolboy Q and Ab-Soul - Unnecessary *Song is not on Spotify
Gambino and Q can do no wrong in my eyes. Together with Ab-Soul they made a banger.
Oddczar - Samsquanch *
A young group from Charlotte, NC that every will hopefully know about soon. They are putting a new record soon too.
Grizzly Bear - Sleeping Ute
I’m really stoked for their new record after hearing this. The vocal melody is gorgeous.
Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff - Summer Time *Song is not on Spotify
This song will always be the summer anthem. Luckily I live the Endless Summer lifestyle so it fits all occasions.
Rolling Stones - Sympathy for The Devil 
This song is written from the first-person POV of the Devil…that alone would get it on the list, but it also happens to be one of the grooviest songs in history alá Jagger and Richards. - PW
The Weeks - The House We Grew Up In 
These dude are completely too talented. Some of our best friends and they just released a video for this song and it’s super dope. 
Led Zeppelin - Since I’ve Been Loving You *Song is not on Spotify
This is one of my favorite songs of all times. I’m sad I found it as late as I did but listen to it everyday and to make a song as good one day. - T
Menomena  - My My 
First of all the album art for the “Friend Or Foe” record is gnarly. The lyrics to this song get me everytime. So simple but they definitely resonate in me.
Radiohead - Let Down 
The intro weaving-guitar is gorgeous and the vocals are heart aching, then breaking. The song is somber but it never has that effect on me..it just makes me realize what you can do with a couple of guitars..exciting. - PW

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