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by Zack Zarrillo - Dec 28, 2009


I’m very happy to post my exclusive interview with The Republic Of Wolves. I want to give a big thank you to Billy for answering all of my questions with great care. Read on if you want to find out news regarding the future of the band!

1.Could you state your name and role in the band?

Well, I am Billy and I play bass in the band. I also do all the screaming vocals and some back-up harmonies. Mason does most of the lead vocals and plays guitar. Gregg also plays guitar and does a lot of back-up vocal harmonies. He sings the lead vocals on “The Clouds”, too. Christian plays lead guitar and does a few vocal harmonies, as well. And Chris plays drums.

2.How is the writing process different for The Republic Of Wolves than it is for Tigers On Trains?

The Tigers on Trains songs are all very basic, simple acoustic songs which focus on interesting lyrics and vocal harmonies, with instrumental elements added to make the music as deep and beautiful as possible. The Republic of Wolves songs meanwhile are much more technically interesting and dynamic, with the focus on the whole effect of all the musical elements coming together. That focus on lyrics and vocal harmonies is still present, though, and we think they’re important factors in making our sound what it is.

3.You guys hail from Long Island, whose music scene speaks for itself. What are your main influences as a band?

Well our primary influences don’t necessarily come out of Long Island, though local bands like Brand New and Straylight Runhave definitely affected our sound and direction. We’re influenced by a pretty wide range of artists, like Radiohead, Bob Dylan,Sigur Ros, Bright Eyes, and Manchester Orchestra.

4.How much of your recent success do you attribute to the clips of your demos being put on youtube, which were claimed to be demos from Brand New’s Daisy?

That whole situation definitely kind of threw us into the spotlight, and the feedback also sort of inspired us to pursue this project more seriously. But we’d like to think that our music has some merit of its own, since the responses have been overwhelmingly positive.

5.Will there be any extensive touring to support His Old Branches?

Most likely not, since we’re just getting our live show together now. We’ll be playing some shows hopefully starting the end of January, but we won’t be touring extensively until the summer. And by then we’ll most likely have another release which we’ll be supporting. But throughout the Spring there’ll be shows here and there, probably not too far from Long Island though.

6.How has the response to the EP been so far?

Overwhelmingly positive. We’ve had alot of people saying that it’s their favorite EP of 2009, and stuff like that is really flattering. Of course there are negative responses here and there as well, but there’s actually less of that than some of us expected.

7.Should we expect to see a full-length release in 2010?

There will definitely be some sort of release in 2010, probably sooner than later. We love the recording process and since we do it all ourselves there’s nothing to stop us from working continually. And that means there will most likely be a full-length album released at some point in the year.

8.Have you guys spoken to any labels? Is there a chance of seeing the band getting signed soon?

We’ve been contacted by a couple of different labels and we’ve been talking to a few representatives, but we haven’t been making any decisions just yet. We aren’t sure what direction we’re going to be taking in terms of representation and management yet, so we can’t say whether there’s any potential for a label deal in the near future.

9.If you could tour with any band in the world, who would it be?

There’s no simple answer to that question, since there’s alot of bands that we’d all love to play with, but a few of these are Manchester Orchestra, The Dear Hunter, and Radiohead.

10.What was your favorite part about recording the EP?

My personal favorite part about recording the EP was really bonding with each other and making songs that we’re all truly proud of. We worked for months on these songs and came home from school when we needed to record and we really put a lot of effort into making this EP what it is today. I really just like when the songs start to come together and you can really hear it as an actual song and not just all the parts recorded.

Once again, I’d like to give a big thanks to Billy from The Republic Of Wolves who we will hopefully be seeing a lot more from in the near future.

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