POZ Interview: The Cab

by Zack Zarrillo - Sep 5, 2012


The Cab have had a busy few months between a summer tour with Parachute and the announcement of signing with Universal Republic Records. PropertyOfZack had the chance to interview Joey Thunder from the band a few weeks ago to update fans on what’s been going on with The Cab including recent touring, their next album, maturing, and Maroon 5, among many other things. Check out the full interview below!

For the record, could you state your name and role in The Cab?
I’m Joey Thunder, and I play bass in The Cab.

The band is at the end of its summer tour with Parachute. How has the tour been?
The dates have been pretty phenomenal. The kids have been great. It’s a different tour for us than normal. Parachute have a different crowd, but it complements The Cab’s crowd and vice versa. Everyone that I’ve talked to that are our fans compliment Parachute’s tightness at the end of each show. The tour has been great and kids are stoked about the lineup. Everyone on the tour is really nice, and it feels a little bit like a summer camp. 

Has the set list been a good mix of both albums?
The set list is leaning more towards Symphony Soldier, but we do have the fan favorites from the last album. It’s the strongest set list we’ve had in a long time. It’s entertaining and high energy.

Would you say that the last year has been sort of a chance to rebuild for the band?
I guess you could call it that, but I wouldn’t necessarily. There’s nothing to rebuild. We’re just growing and maturing. There have been changes, but we’re maturing with them. It’s been maturing. 

Touring has been somewhat scarce for the band minus The Summer Set tour at the beginning of the year. Have you noticed great interest in the band still though from fans?
Absolutely. This tour may not be the most accurate representation of that since this is a B-market tour. We hit the A-markets on the last tour, and we don’t want those kids getting bored of us. We played different markets on this tour, and we’re still getting a great response. Kids are driving several hours to see us. The response is great and the kids are entertained. The live show is also the best its ever been. 

It’s been about a year since the release of Symphony Soldier. Are you happy with the reception and with how doing it yourself went?
It was pretty stressful and it was easy to doubt ourselves when we didn’t have a large home base, but we do have supporters. We had great people helping us and supporting us. To look back and to say that we did it ourselves makes it very heartfelt to the fans. They’re as much a part of this as we were. It’s very clear that it would have flopped if the fans weren’t so involved.

Do you think that being on your own has given fans a greater sense of support?
That goes with almost any cult following. They feel like they’re a part of it and that they are personally invested in it. That’s a good feeling and it’s true, and it really shows. That doesn’t mean we’re anti-label by any means though. This was the next step to keep us growing, creating, and evolving. Regardless of if we’re on a label or not, we’re not going to change the way we interact with our fans. 

In the future, fans are very focussed on a new album and a world tour with Maroon 5. When will the world tour start?
We’re going overseas with Maroon 5 first. That’s going to be in September, and we’ve already announced some dates. A lot of it is the Pacific coast. It’s going to be pretty amazing. It’s a very large stepping stone for The Cab and it’s a personal dream that every single one of us have had. It’s very exciting. The new album too, we’re always writing and thinking. It’s like a pastime for us. The album will be worked on right now and right after that work. 

The Cab have toured with big bands before, but how did Maroon 5 come together?
Our management team works with Maroon 5, and that was a big part of it. It’s been a waiting game. We’ve been waiting for them to do a tour for a year now. The puzzle fit, and we took the opportunity. We had to cancel a UK run, which is horrible, but when you get a call like that, you can’t say no. We’re going to make it to the UK again, but you can’t say no to Maroon 5. They’re on a whole different level. 

Will this tour be broken up into different legs? 
Yeah. A lot of the bigger acts and bands tour in different parts of the world in different legs. They’ll do the Pacific, then Europe, then South America, and the US. Who knows. We can go on this tour and kill it and they may want us as an opening act for a year. They have a new album, so they’re of course going to tour everywhere. The chances of playing with them in the future are good. We just need to bring our A game and compliment their set.

Is the band still planning other tours?
Yeah we are. We always have our eyes open for tours. We love working the road. We’re not fully depending on Maroon 5, but that’s top priority. 

How far are The Cab into the writing process for the new record?
We’re working on song concepts and are talking about what direction we want to go in. Once we figure that out, then it’s hammer time. We’re going to start busting out songs and will be going to the studio and will be going to town.

Is there a time when you’d like to have the record out?
Without anything being rushed, we’d like to have it out in the first or second quarter of next year. It all depends on this fall and our studio time. The Cab is not going to wait another three years, but we don’t want to rush. 

How do you see this record progressing from Symphony Soldier?
I feel like we all have our own vision. I’m bias as a bass player, so I’d like to see it more rhythm heavy with stronger groves. But with the melodies and personalized stories and the songs themselves. It’s possible and it’s been done before. We just need to make it our own. That’s going to be a big influence in the next record.

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