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by Zack Zarrillo - Feb 9, 2011


PropertyOfZack had the chance to do an interview with Eric Soucy from Maker just a week or two ago. Eric and I discussed the reception to the band’s recent split with The Story So Far, signing to 6131 Records, progress on the band’s debut LP that is set to be released in May, and future touring plans. Read up below and enjoy!

For the record, could you state your name and role in Maker?
My name is Eric. I play guitar in Maker.
The band finished up a string of tour dates that started at the end of 2010 and finished them up just last week. Can you talk about that short run?
It was probably the best tour that we’ve ever done. Everywhere we went was really good with a positive response. We’ve done so many other tours, and there are always those couple shows that are just awful, but there weren’t really any of those on this tour. We had no issues. It was the best tour we’ve ever done.
POZ: Did you enjoy playing with a mix of different bands as well?
Eric: Yeah, we played a lot of weird shows. We played with this band Catalepsy from Florida. We played a lot of like Rise Records kind of shows. Everything worked out pretty well. All the bands were awesome.
What was the set like for most of those shows? Were you guys playing the two tracks off of The Story So Far split?
Yeah, we played all of our EP, I-91, and then we were playing the two tracks off of the split, and then we were alternating between these three songs that we play live. We alternated with those new songs and they actually went over pretty well. Kids like them.
How has the response for those songs off of the split been since its release?
It’s been pretty awesome. When we released our EP, it took a while for the kids to learn the lyrics and stuff, but we sold out of the splits on tour and everywhere we go, kids love the split. Both sides of it, it’s awesome.
When exactly were they recorded?
They were recorded in early November. The split dropped on November 23rd and they were recorded a couple weeks before. They were like last minute recordings. We already recorded them, and then we had to rerecord them again due to some complications.
POZ: Were you guys happy with how the final product turned out?
Eric: Yeah, we were happy. We definitely realized that we could have done a lot more with the songs. For what it was with the rush, it came out pretty good.

Was the writing process for those tracks different than on I-91 EP?
Yes, absolutely. The I-91 EP was just sort of written. There was no deadline, we just wrote it and happened to record it and then it was put out on Either/Or Records. For the split, we already had “Sink Or Swim” recorded and then “19 Maple Street,” we kind of figured out the vocal pattern for it in the studio. All the lyrics were written and stuff, but the vocals were definitely written differently than the EP.
It was announced right about then when the last split was released that Maker had signed to 6131 Records. When did talks with the label start, and how happy are you guys to call that your home?
We started talking to 6131 right before the release date for the split actually. He sent me an email and he said that he was interested in working with us. We’re really happy to be working with him. He’s putting a lot into our band. It’s tough being a band these days. There are so many bands on tour and he’s trying to make it so we can try to rise above all of the chaos.
POZ: Plus, being labelmates with Such Gold can’t hurt.
Eric: Yeah, the label’s actually awesome. Every band on the label is awesome. We all really love hardcore a lot. We listen to that mostly in the van. We listen to a lot of bands on the label on our own time, so it’s really cool to say were labelmates with all these bands, especially Such Gold.
With the announcement of the label came plans to record and release your debut LP for 6131 sometime this summer. Is the relationship with the label just for this record, or for the future as well?
It’s not really a contract, but we’re going do one record and we’re going to see how it goes. We’re gonna figure it out. We’re not sure where we’ll be after the record. We plan to tour on this full-length for a while. We’re gonna do Europe and the US again and probably Canada. We’re just focusing on this record for now; we don’t really know what’s in store after this.

How is the writing process for that so far?
It’s pretty good. More than half of the record is written. I can say right now that I don’t think that there’s a bad song on it. It’s a lot different than our old stuff. Our old stuff was kind of just really fast paced. We’re trying to just make this the best record we possibly can, and I think it will be.
When would you like to finish it up by?
We hit the studio on April 10th. We’re recording with Jay Maas from Defeater in Boston.
How many tracks are you guys hoping for?
We’re thinking between ten and eleven. We want to have twelve recorded so we can pick the ten best songs
Is an early to mid-summer release date the plan?
The plan is that the CD will be released in late-May or on June 1st, the latest. The LP will be released in July.
What about touring? I talked to the guys in Washington Square Park not too long ago and they said you guys might be doing something in the not too too distant future?
Right now we’re just really focusing on the record. We had to cancel some shows on our full US tour due to some problems. I think we’re going to just hit up all the places that we cancelled in March. We’re going to do like a week. We’re probably not going to tour until June 1st. We’re going to Europe June 1st through the 17th. We’re going to take a break for a couple weeks and then we’re going to do a full US.
POZ: Have those dates been announced yet?
Eric: No, nothing has been announced yet, but half the tour is already booked and we’re working out everything.
POZ: Will you guys be supporting?
Eric: We’re going out with two UK bands. One of the band’s names is Our Time Down Here and they just did some days with A Loss For Words in Europe. They seem to have a pretty good following. I’m excited.
Will Maker hopefully be on the road all summer long in the US?
Yeah, hopefully we’ll be playing the whole country. We’re gonna try to do Canada, and I know we’re trying to figure out some stuff for the fall. We’ve never had a problem before. We don’t have a booking agent or anything, so I think we’re ready.
Thanks so much for your time, is there anything else you’d like to add or that we should be on the lookout for?
I think everyone needs to be on the lookout for the new All Teeth CD. Everyone definitely needs to be on the lookout for Borderland from Boston, Washington Square Park, Transit and Man Overboard, and check out Reviver from Salt Lake City, and Cannon Ball from Texas. Such Gold is on tour in Australia. That’s all I can think of.

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