POZ BandsOnBands: The Maine On David Bowie

by Zack Zarrillo - Sep 24, 2012

Mondays mean BandsOnBands, and we’re excited to be posting the PropertyOfZack feature today with Garrett Nickelsen of The MaineThe band just released their Good Love EP, so make sure to download the EP here. In this week’s feature, Garrett Nickelsen from the band dives into one of his largest influences, David Bowie. Garrett’s words on how David Bowie pushed himself and his listeners to never expect the same art twice is truly interested in relation to The Maine’s own musical path. Make sure to listen to great songs by David Bowie on Spotify here and check out what Garrett had to say about one of his biggest influences below!

From Garrett Nickelsen of The Maine:

David Bowie. One of the only artist who has drastically changed with every single album he has released. You can use Bowie’s discography as a guide to show what music was popular during that moment in time. 

I feel like when a lot of people think of Bowie, Ziggy Stardust comes to mind first. No doubt that Ziggy had some amazing moments but I personally think his greatest work happened after Ziggy was dead and gone. The three “Berlin” records Low, Heroes, and Lodger were so far ahead of its time it’s hard to think of what the 80’s would have been like without the influence of David Bowie. The production on these albums are unlike any other and really push the listener’s ears. With guitar and synth leads flying around all over the place it takes a few listens to even understand what is what. 

David Bowie has always pushed him self and his listeners to never do the same thing twice. The music always came first and he never sacrificed his art to please anyone else but himself. In many ways that’s how The Maine treats our music. In a world of artists who always seeming to make the first successful record over and over I think some bands need to take a page out of Bowie’s book and try something new for once.

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