Jamie Moore Launches ‘Summer Of Shred’

by Zack Zarrillo - Oct 1, 2012

Realist photographer Jamie Moore, a good friend of the site, has released this year’s edition of his Summer Of Shred zine. Order it here and check out what’s included below by clicking “Read More.”

Summer Of Shred #2 Zine 
8.25” x 11” News print. 
8 Broad quarter fold. 
Comes with 32” x 22” center fold poster 
3 articles with over 50 photographs from this summers adventures across the country. 
/1000 (Hand numbered) 
FIRST 135 ORDERS COME WITH A 4X6 PRINT FROM THE ZINE (Unreleased photos as well) 
Presented by Jamie Moore and “Posi” Joe Piehler

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