Ace Enders To Play Special NYC Show

by Zack Zarrillo - Feb 13, 2011

It was announced at a show at The School Of Rock in Hackensack just two nights ago that Ace Enders, aka I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody’s Business, will be playing a special “Pay What You Want” show in New York City sometime this spring. Ace has used this method before for the purchasing of his recent EP and Kickstarter, but it looks like he’ll be testing the concert market with it as well. The show will almost certainly take place at The Studio At Webster Hall considering that Excess dB is promoting the show and that is the typical venue they use.

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    welp. see you there.
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    I will totally be there!
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    Someone take me to this kthx.
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    I’m sure some of my friends would care about this
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    this is a pretty big deal. interesting to see how this will turn out.
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    I didn’t realize he was planning on trying this out with concerts. Hm.
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