POZ Interview: Young Statues

by Zack Zarrillo - Oct 5, 2012


PropertyOfZack had the chance to meet up with the great guys in Young Statues two weeks ago at the end of their Misser tour for an interview. Carmen, Tom, Matt, Dan, and I discussed the band’s first year, a new EP, a covers 7”, and much more. Check it all out below!

For the record, could you state your names and rolls in Young Statues?
Carmen: I’m Carmen, and I sing and play guitar.
Tom: I’m Tom, and I play bass.
Matt: I’m Matt, I play guitar.
Dan: I’m Dan, and I’m the drummer.

We’re right at the end of the Misser tour. How have the shows been?
Carmen: The shows have been good and a lot of fun. Everyone is really cool.
Matt: We’re having a blast.
Carmen: Whenever you start a tour and you don’t know people you’re a little apprehensive. The first night, we all hit it off. It’s been fun and the shows have been good. It’s all short drives, which is always nice. 

Fall marks the band’s one year anniversary. The year has been filled with great tour opportunities. Has it been more than you could ask for?
Carmen: I think so. We played our first show in the 24th of September last year, I think. The record was out in November. For one year, it feels like we’ve been a band for five years since we’ve done so much.
Tom: A lot has happened.
Carmen: It’s flown by and it’s been really, really fun.
Dan: We’re really proud of what we’ve done this year. We’ve been talking about it a lot. 
Tom: Just how many bands we’ve gotten to tour with and how many places we’ve gotten to play. 

In terms of opportunities, you couldn’t ask for much more.
Carmen: Oh yeah, no way. If Coldplay wanted to take us out, that’d be cool [Laughs]. Just kidding. It’s been great. It’s been more than anybody could’ve hoped for and expected. Just being able to look back is awesome. Once the year wraps up, cause we still have some touring to do, and we’re putting out a fall release. I think after all that, reflecting on the year will let us see how productive it was and how much fun we had. We really enjoyed it, which is the best thing. If everybody didn’t think it was so much fun, it’d be a downer.

The record has been out almost a year as well. Has the reception to that been equally great?
Tom: It’s been great. I think it played hand in hand with the touring. The more we toured, the more we saw people sing along. 
Carmen: It’s cool because you can see people respond more and more as it grows. It wasn’t a thing where people were coming to shows like crazy right off the bat. It’s been a slow build, which is good. A lot of people have grown to like our band as we’ve grown as a band just playing. 
Matt: I thought it was cool to go to the West Coast for the first time and to have people sing along.

We know that you were recording an EP with Ace Enders. Is that done?
Carmen: Yeah, we’re mixing it right now. We started doing it in late-July, but we had some touring and other stuff we were committed to. After this, we’re getting back into the studio. It’s all done tracking. We just have to mix it. It’s just about wrapped up. There’s still a lot of little, minor things to work out. It’ll go by quick.
POZ: How many songs is that?
Carmen: It’s going to be seven songs. Six or seven. We haven’t decided yet. 
POZ: Were those written over the year, or recently?
Carmen: Ace has a more distinct way of working with bands production wise. I had a lot of songs that I wrote and planned on going in and just tracking. We went from the ground up when we started working. We played the songs and a lot got reworked. You could say that 60% of the songs were written in studio. We’d work on something and he’d give his critiques and I’d go work on it again. It was very collaborative.

Was it interesting for the songs to be completely changed?
Carmen: It was weird. When we did the full-length, I feel like I knew so well what we were going into because the songs were fully demoed and had full parts. It was weird because it felt foreign, but it was awesome and exciting. It was really quick. Overall it was really good.

When will that be released?
Carmen: That’ll be out in the beginning of 2013. We’re doing a covers 7” as well. We covered four songs by four different artists and Brianna Collins from Tigers Jaw helped on one of the songs. That’ll come out in November. We’re doing that and the EP with a bunch of new songs. We’re shooting for early-February. That’ll be with Jeff and Run For Cover.

There are a lot of songs for the EP, so will that be supported for a while?
Carmen: We all like writing and releasing music. Tom has had his own bands forever and he’s always recording, and same with all of us. Everybody’s mindset is to keep working on music. We’ll see where it goes. We’d like to tour on it. We’ve been playing one of the new songs, and people like it. We’re always writing.

There are some fall shows, a Dangerous Summer holiday tour. Is anything set otherwise?
Carmen: We’re doing Make Do And Mend and Seahaven in Canada. It’s five or six shows in December. Then we drive straight to Virginia, I think, for The Dangerous Summer tour. I’m not sure past then. We’re working on it. 

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