PropertyOfZack Track-By-Track : : Runner Runner

by Zack Zarrillo - Feb 15, 2011


Runner Runner has always been good to PropertyOfZack in the past and it is for that reason that we’re thrilled to be debuting our new Track-By-Track feature with the band! Regardless of a few delays, the band’s debut LP is finally out in stores today and you can check out a full stream here and the meaning behind each of the twelve tracks on the record below:

1. So Obvious (3:44) -  This one is to remind us that all of our wildest dreams are always a song away.   Whether longing for the ones we love or a way through the desperation of making a dream real, what you want is closer than you think.
2. Unstoppable (3:17)  This is the team RR fight song, about doing things your own way and never taking “no” for an answer.    We believe that if we stick together the rules are ours for the making.
3. Papercuts (3:37)   Here is a forlorn melody about love un-proclaimed or unrequited.   We like to picture the tragic hero buried in undelivered love letters.    ”Papercuts” is a reminder not to let your love wait another day.   
4. Heart Attack (3:13)  There is a direct relationship between the beauty of a girl and the degree to which she either makes you want to dance or makes you a monster.  Love makes us crazy.
5. Hey Alli (3:19)  Rather than sing another broken-hearted ballad, we decided to write an ode to falling in love, and going great lengths to help that special someone realize their dream.   We want to pay tribute to the tradition of awesome power-pop ballads about a girl named Allison.
6. Life After You (3:46) A lot of lessons can only be learned the hard way.    This one is about moving on and picking up the pieces of your life after the wreckage of a bad romance.   It is time to start again and become brand new.
7. Falling (3:44)  Whoever we are, and whatever we do, we all know someone who has fallen into doubt.   Sometimes all it takes is a friend telling you to keep moving ahead, to get your life back on track.
8. She’s My Kinda Girl (3:49) -  There is nothing quite like meeting someone who makes your heart beat a little faster, and knowing instantly that your Mom would approve.
9. Dedicate (3:41) - Whether you have loved, lost or ever wanted to tell a friend how much they mean to you, this song bears the message, “Today I dedicate to you.”
10. I Can’t Wait (3:55) - Ryan came to us with this idea on tour, and so we helped him complete this song, a prelude as it were, to wedding vows.   I think these are our most heartfelt lyrics.
11. See You Around (3:36) - Originally titled “The Motley Crue Biography Is My Bible”, this song is all about falling for a bad girl who is nothing but the kind of trouble that is so ironically hard to resist.
12. Running Away (3:05) - We all get these feelings we cannot ignore.  They are the isolation, alienation, misgiving and loathing we impose on ourselves.   Somehow we must learn that life is waiting to begin, as soon as we give ourselves permission to live.

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