fun. Start The Ally Coalition: LGBTQ Rights Support

by Zack Zarrillo - Oct 15, 2012

fun. and Rachel Antonoff have started The Ally Coalition, a non-profit group that is set to raise “awareness and funds to aid in the fight for LGBTQ equality.” Check out a full blog from Jack Antonoff below by clicking “Read More.”

jack here. very proud and excited to announce THE ALLY COALITION! we’ve partnered with designer/my sister rachel antonoff to create this non profit group that will raise awareness and funds to aid in the fight for LGBTQ equality. as many of you know, we’ve been long active and outspoken on this issue of human rights, and its so thrilling that we know have TAC as an umbrella to which we can channel this under and expand upon.

in addition to raising money and creating many different programs aimed to educate the arts communities and general public on LGBTQ issues, the ally coalition is also a place where YOU can go and make YOUR VOICE heard. we’ve realized that there are so many people out there who want to go on record and make a statement as an ally, but don’t necessarily have a place or support system to go out and do it. i’ve spoken directly with so many people at shows and online about how hard it is to make a statement when you don’t have anyone in your corner supporting you. TAC is a place where we as allies can make our statements and make them clear, together. we can use social media to make sure our friends and family hear our words, see our videos and read our posts. this is vital because this is how the conversation gets started. this is how change happens. this how people who are afraid of this issue can be guided in the right direction towards a future in which no innocent people are treated as second class citizens. i urge everyone to recognize that amazing power that going on record and making a positive statement can have on the people around us. our goal is to build TAC into a giant network of allies who not only support human rights, but support each other. together we can be bigger than hate, ignorance and homophobia and inspire others to look at things a different way.

so please join us!

take a picture with a statement card! tell us why you are an ally! film a PSA! get your friends and family involved! and don’t forgot the impact that your words will have.

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    because g.d knows allies need support. i’m d o n e.
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