POZ Track-By-Track: Upon This Dawning - To Keep Us Safe

by Zack Zarrillo - Oct 22, 2012


Upon This Dawning's debut record, To Keep Us Safe, is officially out via Fearless Records. PropertyOfZack is excited to be teaming up with the band to bring fans behind the scenes of the album with a brand new Track-By-Track feature written by the members themselves. Download the record here and check out the Track-By-Track for To Keep Us Safe below!

A New Beginning 
This song is obviously about breaking up and the feeling you experience when you find out the person you love has betrayed you by cheating on you. After that you learn to move on and realize that it’s not actually the end of the world. You begin to realize that there’s always something beautiful that comes out of it: a new beginning. -Giani

Of Human Action
The main message we’d like to spread with this song is written in the last line together we can save the world, before the end. 
This song is basically about how powerful friendship can be and we wanted to say that you can do great things with your friends by your side! Stay close to all your friends, just fill the void. -Teo

Nothing Lasts Forever
This song is about always being yourself and not caring what other people think about you. Always follow your dreams even if sometimes they might seem out of reach. Never listen to those who tell you that you can’t make it., the negativity and doubt should drive you even harder to reaching your goals. - Giani 

The One And Only
This song describes all of the frustration in a relationship when a person always wants to have the upper hand and treats you unfairly. Then, one day you wake up and realize that you’re so much better than that. Even though it may be painful, you have to be strong and realize it’s what’s best for you and that you should move on and surround yourself with much better and more positive surroundings. -Giani

From Hell To The West
This song is about our personal experience of moving from our country of Italy, to the states!
We don’t actually think that Italy is hell, but it can feel that way because we face many problems due to the fact that the kind of music we play is not that popular in Italy; It’s very hard for a band to become accepted and progress back at home. Moving to the states is like a dream come true and this song means a lot to us. -Teo

The sounds of your breath
This song is dedicated to music itself and what it means to us. Music is the one thing that we love the most and is what keeps us together and alive every moment of our life. -Giani

Blood Is Thicker Than Water
This is another song about brotherhood. I wrote this song to open up about all of the feelings I have toward my best friends! We’re brothers, and brothers are fucking blood. It’s an awesome song that you can dedicate it to your best friends too! -Teo

All In Your Head
This song talks about a problem that many people face at some point in their life that keeps them from getting what they want. We have all been scared to do or accomplish something because we worry about what others say or think. We can be insecure and even doubt ourselves and talk ourselves out of doing great things. We can be our own worst enemies, but it doesn’t have to be that way. At the end of the day, you only have to answer to yourself, you can only do your best, and work hard toward what you want in life. If you truly devote yourself to what you want, you will never fail.

Sons Of Venice
Sons of Venice is a song about hard times we all face in life and knowing you always have your friends to fall back on. They will never judge you and will have your back, no matter what. -Teo

This song speaks very metaphorically to our listeners. Sometimes, we lose sight of where we’re going or what we want and feel all alone. This is about overcoming those feelings and finding the will to walk on the right path again. There is always hope and we don’t have to be alone or lost. It is a choice.

The Path
These lyrics refer to our band, what we’re doing now in our life and the way we face everything together, like a real family. Our life has completely changed and sometimes we miss home, but if you have a strong enough relationship with your friends, you’ll always feel like you’re where you belong. -Giani

They’re an unsinkable vessel but we are the ocean This song sends out a message that many things can be accomplished when you believe that we can all make a difference together. Musically, this is our favorite song on the album and we decided to place it last on the album to leave you with the sound of our heaviest breakdown, something to really remember. -Teo

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