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by Zack Zarrillo - Feb 23, 2011


PropertyOfZack is thrilled to be releasing our new interview with Matty from A Loss For Words. Matty and I discussed the band signing to Velocity/Rise Records, touring, their upcoming album, and more. Read up and enjoy it! 

For the record, could you state your name and role in A Loss For Words?
My name’s Matty and I sing for A Loss For Words.

It’s been less than 24-hours since it was announced that the band signed to Velocity/Rise Records. How’s it feel to finally have the news out in the open?
It’s awesome, man. We’ve been a band for about a decade now and we’ve done a lot of work on our own and we’ve had a lot of help from friends, but the one thing that was always missing was having a record label to give us the things that we can’t afford to do on our own. It’s really cool. We met Dave Shapiro a while ago and he took interest in us and Craig liked our band. Now we’re just part of a great roster of bands like Transit and Man Overboard who are good friends of ours and This Is Hell. It’s gonna be really cool. I’m excited

When did talks with Dave and Craig start?
I’d say over the summer time. We kind of met Shapiro through The Wonder Years because we have the same tour manager. Dave came out to a show to hangout and he just liked our band and we started going at it.
POZ: So this has been set in stone for a little while now?
Matty: There were talks over the summer. Not anything about the label, but a friendship started. Then we were talking to another label over the summer and it fell through so I called Dave and was like, “I know you have this new label, would you ever be interested in doing something with us? Because we want to be with someone that we trust.” He was into the idea and that’s when we started getting the lawyers involved and figured out all the logistics.

Were there fears with signing to the label considering its reputation and many of the band’s that call it home?
The thing is, we work so hard and do what we believe in because of the way that we were raised as musicians. For us, I don’t care about what someone thinks about the label. We’re stoked on this label. I’m stoked on some of the bands on the label. We’re really happy. If we’re happy, our fans should be happy for us.
POZ: Has there been much fan reaction?
Matty: Yeah, I’m actually really happy how all the feedback has been from our friends to AbsolutePunk and all of the message boards. I’m really, really happy that everybody is glad and is saying good things. It’s a really important thing to us. It’s really good to have all of our fans supporting us.

Were you guys aware of Man Overboard and Transit’s signing during the talks? Did that help smooth things over?
Yeah, Transit is from our area and we’ve taken them on tour twice and they’re really good friends of ours. Man Overboard, we’ve known them since they were in other bands back in the day when we did our first tours. We always keep in contact. We’re real friends, we’re not just band friends. We knew that they were going with Rise and it was like, “All our friends are going to be on this label. It’ll be great.”
POZ: That would be a crazy tour.
Matty: That would be absolutely awesome for sure.

Is there any reason that the band signed to the Velocity imprint of Rise?
Yeah, it all started with Dave. We were interested in working with Dave. It’s hard to find someone in the industry that you can really trust and believe in. He’s down to earth. We’ve always kind of been the underdog, and they’re a new label that’s fresh. I’d like to be proud of it and help this label build. I always find stuff like that awesome. I think that we’re only the fourth or fifth band that he’s signed. We’re the first pop-punk band that he’s worked with. It’ll be a cool release.

Motown Classics was released on Paper + Plastick last year. Was that just a one-off deal?
Yeah, they’re friends of ours and we told them that we wanted to do this Motown thing and they said they’d do it. They’re great guys and they did great things with the record. Vinnie was the first one to congratulate us when we signed with Velocity/Rise. It was just a one-time release. It was great working with Paper + Plastick.
How was that received that last year?
Honestly, we haven’t really gotten too much negative feedback about that record. At the end of the day, it’s just a fun record. You can’t take it too seriously. We just had fun with it. We love R&B and soul music. I think we’re the first band in our genre to do it with soul.
POZ: Yeah, Four Year Strong did it with the 90’s music.
Matty: Yeah, the alternative stuff. We wanted to show our thing. It was a really, really fun release. That’s all it was.

A Loss For Words really did a lot of heavy touring last year all over the world with bands like Four Year Strong, Such Gold, and others. Would you call 2010 a successful year overall?
Absolutely. It was really cool. We definitely worked ourselves really hard. We just got off of a six-week break and that was really, really nice. We met so many awesome people, bands, and promoters and we got to travel a lot. We’re really happy with the way that 2010 went and we’re looking forward to 2011.

The band actually kicked off a new tour last night with Streetlight Manifesto and Terrible Things. How was the first show and how stoked are you for the remaining dates?
It was absolutely great. I know Streetlight Manifesto; I’ve heard some of their CDs because some of my friends listen to them, but I’d never really listened to them too much. So this is my first time really getting to see them. Right from the soundcheck man, they are the tightest band and the sound is so awesome. I grew up watching Hot Rod Circuit, Taking Back Sunday, and Coheed & Cambria, and they’re just awesome dudes. I’m 26, but I still get that little kid feeling when I see Andy from Hot Rod walking around. They’re real solid and down to earth dudes. The first night was packed solid. Streetlight has a cult following, Terrible Things is a tight band, Lionize has a really cool alternative rock sound. It’ll be a fun tour.

What’s the set like on this tour?
We’ve kind of been playing the same set for the past year because we don’t have any material. We’re doing some of the Motown Classics songs and then we’re playing a few of our other songs.

Will these be the last dates you guys play before heading into the studio for the new record?
This will be our last tour before we head into the studio. We’re doing a few off-dates. We have like two different weekends and then we’re playing Bamboozle. Then we head right down to Andrew Wade’s studio in Florida in May. I think we start recording the record on May 22nd.

Before we get into the new album, the band recorded two songs for a split with Such Gold that’s expected in the May. Is that still the probable release month?
Yeah, I’m not really too sure. We all haven’t been home in a while and we need to work and we need to start working on this record. We do have songs, but we haven’t had a chance to record them. We should record them in the first week or two when we get back and hopefully it’ll still stay on schedule. If not, shortly after. We haven’t recorded them yet. I know Such Gold did.
POZ: What label is that coming out on?
Matty: No Sleep Records.

Will the songs be on the LP?
I don’t know. The Such Gold split is for fun. Those are some of our best friends. We’ve done two tours with them and they’re like our brothers. We just wanted to be able to do something fun with them. We might use the song if we’re really feeling it. We don’t know.

Like you said, A Loss For Words are hitting the studio in May and June with Andrew Wade, who has worked with A Day To Remember, to record a brand new LP. How did working with Andrew come together?
Him and Dave Shapiro are friends. We wanted to step it up and work with a producer who had some experience. We know Veara and VersaEmerge really well and they both said really good things about Wade. I know he’s been very successful with A Day To Remember and they keep going back, so obviously he’s doing something right. We’re excited. It’s going to be fun to work with him.

How far along is the writing process?
We probably have like 15 songs. Right now everyone has their own songs and we’re going into practice and showing each other our stuff. There’s a lot of work to be done, but we have a lot of material. We’re feeling really confident.
POZ: Would you guys like 12 songs on the record?
Matty: Yeah, somewhere between 11 and 12.
POZ: And you’ll take that time after the Streetlight tour to finish up the process?
Matty: Absolutely. We’ burned ourselves out a lot in ’09 and 2010. I think we toured about 18 months. We’re all really broke. We’re having a lot of fun, but we need to catch up on bills and see our family and friends. We’ll take that time to really focus on the record.

How would you compare the progression from prior releases?
There’s a bunch of different material on the table. The cool thing about our band is that everybody listens to different music. We haven’t written a record in two years, so we haven’t had a lot of time to experiment musically. We have some punkier song s, we have more poppy songs, some Alkaline Trio style songs. We’re just having a lot of fun writing songs.

And a September release is pretty definite?
September will be the release time.

Will we see the band on the road during the summer?
I hope so. We’re going to our manager’s office and have a talk with Dave and make a game plan. We’ll find out in a few hours. I’d like to go back to the UK or Europe. We got offered to go to Japan and China. We’re thinking about trying to go back to Japan. We’ve been touring the same material for a while, but if it’s a good tour that comes our way we’d do it.
POZ: So heavy international touring will be happening?
Matty: Yeah, that’s the point of the band. That’s why we do this. We love travelling and experiencing different cultures. We get to travel for free. We’re really grateful for it. We want to hit up Australia in the near future.

Thanks so much for your time, is there anything else you’d like to add or that we should be on the lookout for?
Thanks everybody for supporting us, and lets get ready for a new record.

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