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by Zack Zarrillo - Feb 24, 2011


Hellogoodbye have slowly been picking up the pace ever since they released their new album, Would It Kill You?, this past November. PropertyOfZack had the chance to briefly catch up with Forrest at their new in New Jersey to discuss the album, the tour, future touring, as well as plans to release a new EP this year. Read up and enjoy!

For the record, could you state your name and role in Hellogoodbye?
My name’s Forrest, and I sing and play guitar.
Hellogoodbye released Would It Kill You? back on November 9th, and reviews have been great. How has the fan reaction been for it though?
It’s been great. We sorted running our own webstore, so we get emails from kids and actually get to see it. This tour is the first tour that we’ve down on our own in support of that record and the shows have been great.
Were there any ways about alienating fans when you guys put this out considering the major change in sound?
Not really. I feel like it was such a long period of time that anybody that would have felt alienated doesn’t care anyways. In a way, that was kind of a blessing to not deal with too much backlash.
POZ: Yeah, I think the thing is that so many people grew over the years with you guys so it put everyone at the same place.
Has everything been running smoothly on your own Wasted Summer label?
It’s gone great. We don’t have as much money to plan advertising and stuff as another label might, but other than that, it’s been going great.
Hellogoodbye toured with 3OH!3 and did some house shows, but as you mentioned, this is your first headliner. How have the shows been?
They’ve been awesome. I think we have a really good lineup of bands. The whole show is really good. Everyone is really nice. Musically it makes perfect sense too. It’s rad to be on a tour like that because I think we’ve been on a lot of tours where everyone’s really nice and we like them and respect their music in a way, but don’t really kind of mesh with it.
Has there been a divide with fans at shows who have been coming out to support the record and those who are expecting just older songs?
There’s nobody that’s coming out and being weird about it thinking we’d play just old stuff. There are a surprising number of people who maybe don’t even know that we have a new record and they just came out to the show to see us play. They’re surprised. That’s cool because then they know. It sucks that we can’t let more people know.
POZ: Are people getting won over though?
Forrest: Yeah, I think so. It goes over really well live. These songs lend themselves to being played live more easily than our older stuff. That’s always nice. I think we play a lot better now too.
The shows have been pretty packed. Has it been a great confidence booster to be able to fill-up these bigger venues?
Yeah, it’s rad. New York, we showed up, and it was awesome that there were that many people. For this record that we put out on our own, it’s really cool.
For fans that haven’t come out yet, what’s the set like?
It is a lot of new songs from our new record. I hope that everybody who comes to the show has it in some form. Downloaded or whatever, but buy it hopefully. If you want to come to the show you should probably get acquainted with it because we’re gonna play a lot of it. We are playing old ones though.
Has it been invigorating getting to play all of these new songs finally?
It’s super enjoyable to play the new ones, for sure. It’s a whole different show for us. The whole vibe is a little different and it feels really good.
The tour ends in early March. Will you be doing anything between then and Warped?
Yeah, we’re going to Japan and maybe Australia and hopefully to the UK, and then possibly we will go out in the US again before or after Warped.
POZ: So there won’t be much down time?
Forrest: We’re going to tour all year.
It was announced just today that you had signed to LAB in the UK. Was that just to prep going over there?
Yeah, we want to have the record out over there. We’re getting it out in Japan and Australia, so we want to have it out there before we go to these places. That got wrapped up today and we’re planning something out.
When could those Australian dates be announced?
We’re definitely going over there in October for this festival and we may go over there sooner around Warped. I’m not sure when they’ll be announced.
How excited are you guys for Warped?
I think it’ll be fun. I’m more nervous that maybe some kids won’t know what we’ve been up to for the last four years and might be surprised. Hopefully they’ll be surprised in a good way. I had a lot of fun last time with the vibe. I like the heat. I like to cruise around in shows and watch the bands. It’s fun. We’re going to do a lot of international stuff after that and try to hit around the US a lot. We want to record some new stuff. Maybe an EP.
Yeah, you’ve mentioned an EP before. Have the songs been written?
I’ve got a couple songs kind of written, not recorded. Not sure what we want to put out yet whether it’ll be a three-song EP or if it’ll be some kind of 7” or reissue with bonus tracks. We want to put out more covers and maybe put out a compilation of those. Something like that.
POZ: Are there any left over b-sides from the original recordings?
Forrest: There’s one b-side and then there’s this stuff I haven’t recorded yet. We’re doing Daytrotter in a week too. We’d like to put out something new before the end of the year.
Considering you have a garage studio, is the plan to just release music as frequently as possible?
Yeah, it can happen super quick now and there’s nothing holding us back except a little quality control.
I think it’s safe to say that things are looking up for you guys compared to all the label issues in the past. Would you say this is a new start?
Yeah, in a way it’s a new start. It’s refreshing. It’s nice to have the restart that we’ve had. I almost feel like it should be a complete restart and we should change our name, but I’ve never felt like doing that. It’s always been Hellogoodbye. That’s always been what I do musically. There’s no creative need to change the name though.

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