Teppei Teranishi On Saying Goodbye To Thrice

by Zack Zarrillo - Nov 9, 2012

Teppei Teranishi of Thrice recently did an interview to speak about saying his goodbye to Thrice and to catch fans up on what he is now doing with his life. Check out the full piece here and part of what he said below by clicking “Read More.”

It’s been just under six months since Thrice were put to rest for the time being. Given the passage of time that’s taken place, how do you feel about how you guys wound things down?
I thought the tour was awesome. I think it was a really fun way to close out the chapter. The bands [Animals As Leaders and O’Brother] were great and the last however many shows we did at the end were really fun. I honestly don’t think I could ask for a better way to close up that chapter.

Yeah, at the very end it seemed like you were just adding a new show every single day in California. Obviously, there has to be part of you that expected that would happen, but did you think it would be that ridiculous?
No, definitely not. We kind of had a back-up plan. We were like, “Well, if these shows sell out in x amount of time, then maybe we could add another show or something here,” but we didn’t expect to have to keep adding more and more.

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