POZ Playlist: The Wonder Years, We Are The In Crowd, Sandlot Heroes

by Zack Zarrillo - Nov 12, 2012

The Wonder Years, We Are The In Crowd, and Sandlot Heroes are out on one of the best fall tours this year with Yellowcard, and we’re stoked to have the three bands together for a new PropertyOfZack Playlist. Check out the remaining dates on the tour here and the Playlists below while listening to the songs on Spotify and reading everyone’s thoughts!

This is a collection of songs that I have been listening to lately. I hope that you enjoy it.
Hostage Calm - Patriot
A majority of “Patriot” is A cappella. I’m a sucker for great harmonies and this song is full of them. “Patriot” is a bit different from the rest of the tracks on Please Remain Calm so make sure to check out the rest of the songs because they are equally as good. 
Basement - Whole
Had I not known anything about Basement and their history I would have guessed that Colourmeinkindness was released in the 90s. I strongly suggest this record to anyone who likes 90s alternative rock. 
The Smashing Pumpkins - Zero
Nick started playing the riff from the beginning of this song at practice one day and we jam on it from time-to-time. The guitar riffs in “Zero” get stuck in my head for days. 
Benjamin Gibbard - I’m Building a Fire *Song is not on Spotify
“I’m Building a Fire” has a similar tone to “I Will Follow You Into the Dark.” These two songs are my favorite acoustic songs written. Benjamin Gibbard is one of my favorite lyricists. He can write about a topic as dark as death but still finds a way to let the beauty shine through.
The Progress - U.S. Camera *Song is not on Spotify
I recently saw The Progress play a surprise reunion set at the First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia on the Into It. Over It. (full band) headliner. Even though they didn’t practice together before the show, they played tighter than ever. This band brings me back to my late teens/early 20s.
Seal - Kiss From a Rose
On our drive out to start this tour we listened to various versions of “Kiss From a Rose” for an hour straight. No joke. 
Diamond Youth (formally known as Diamond) - Fix of Mine
Diamond Youth put out my favorite EP of 2011. I can’t wait to hear a full length from these guys.
Motion City Soundtrack - Floating Down the River
I don’t think I’ve heard a bad song written by Motion City Soundtrack. I back their entire catalogue.
Title Fight - Secret Society
The music video for “Secret Society” is incredible. It’s one of the better music videos that I’ve seen in a while. 
Tokyo Police Club - Breakneck Speed
I just started listening to this band. I’ve probably listened to the record 25 times in the past 2 months. - Matt Brasch

My ultimate blink-182 mix CD from 7th grade. - Mike Ferri

Muse - Madness
This song means a lot to all of us. We were hooked after the first time we heard it. You never know what to expect with Muse… you just know it’s going to be epic.
30 Seconds To Mars - Closer To The Edge
I will never get tired of this song. It has a huge pop chorus that immediately reels you in. Lyrically… I get the impression that Jared Leto wrote this song to tell someone off, but there’s still an optimistic vibe that anything’s possible in this crazy world! Either way… we love it.
Electrasy - Cosmic Castaway
This is a song off the Titan A.E. soundtrack. I got hooked on this song when I was 10 and it’s been with me ever since. It was way ahead of it’s time, and I wish more people knew about it. The best way to describe it is “space rock”? HUGE chorus that will make you want to hit repeat over and over again.
Explosions In The Sky - First Breath After Coma
Everyone in this band has been a fan of Explosions In The Sky for a long time. I’m not ashamed to say I found out about these guys from Friday Night Lights. My dad rented it for me when I stayed home sick in the 8th grade. Their music, combined with Billy Bob Thortons speech at the end of the movie, has made me a fan for life.
Awolnation - Sail
Sail is simply just one of the coolest songs out right now.
Snow Patrol - Run
Every band has their own lingo for chord progressions. The chorus of Run may be the best chorus that uses the 1,5,6,4 progression. TIMELESS… this song is timeless. Their album Final Straw is always a common album played through the stereo while on the road.
Brand New - Limousine
Jesse Lacey never disappoints. A very powerful song about a young girl who was killed in a drunk driving accident. Great lyrics and production.
Lights - Siberia
Our drummer loves this song because she is singing about far away locations, and it gets him in the mood to travel. His favorite movie is The Beach, and he would rather train hop across the country than take a plane.
Keane - She Has No Time
This song starts from literally nothing but ambient sounds, and builds to a beautiful, melodic, epic ending. The lyrics are great and I think everyone can relate to them. His voice in this song makes you feel all the emotion of the story, and shows off his amazing falsetto. Keane is one of my favorite bands period.
Slowdive - Alison
Souvlaki is an all around amazing dream pop record, but Alison just melts your ears off. Taking simple pop progressions and making beautiful walls of sound surrounded by ambient vocals… priceless!

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