POZ Stream: This Time Next Year - “Walking On Glass (The Movielife Cover)”

by Zack Zarrillo - Nov 16, 2012


This Time Next Year may be winding their time as a band down, but PropertyOfZack is incredibly excited to be streaming the band’s cover of The Movielife's “Walking On Glass.” The track is one of many featured on Pacific Ridge Records' A Tribute To The Movielife compilation that comes out on December 11th. Stream the band’s cover and check out the artwork and track listing for the comp below by clicking “Read More!”


1.Shane Henderson and the Future Perfect - Ship To Shore 
2.Bright and Early - Face Or Kneecaps
3.This Time Next Year - Walking On Glass
4.That’s Outrageous! - This Time Next Year
5.Fourth Quarter Comeback - Single White Female
6.Farewell Fighter - Jamaica Next
7.I Call Fives - It’s Something
8.The Lion Faced Boy - Spanaway
9.My Arcadia - Jamestown
10.The Scene Aesthetic - Hey
11.Wayward - Takin’ It Out and Choppin’ It Up
12.Young London - 10 Seconds Too Late
13.Freshman 15 - Hand Grenade
14.onelinedrawing - Keep Never Changing
15.The Press War - Up To Me
16.The Afterlife Kids - Once In A Row
17.Mace Ballard - Pinky Swear
18.Time Will Tell - Kelly Song

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    Fuck, this is great. Literally the perfect way for this band to end.
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    Perfection at it’s finest. TTNY, please don’t call it quits. Please
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    This lineup is bogus. I’m asking for a redo
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