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by Zack Zarrillo - Mar 4, 2011


PropertyOfZack is thrilled to be debuting our new Contributor Blog with Neil Rubenstein. Neil has been around the music industry and Long Island’s music scene for a long time. You may know him from Sons Of Abraham, the linear notes of Taking Back Sunday and Brand New records, and Sons Modern, among many other things. We see Neil as being a great fit to this feature because he not only has a perspective many of our other Contributors do not, but he is also not afraid to speak his mind. In the blog that you’ll read below, Neil discusses how creating music has so radically transformed in recent years in an unproductive way by example of a specific song and music video that can also be watched below. Neil will continue to write his thoughts for us every few months. You can check out his blog here for more of Neil’s thoughts in the meantime howeverClick “Read More” to read the full post!

The problem isn’t that this is awful. Because you are entitled to make whatever artistic expression you wish to make. The problem is that these kids aren’t even trying. They aren’t even working at this crap. They just threw it together. And not the video, the video being horrible is just an extension of the Tim & Eric school of being awful and lazy. The music is thrown together. She obviously never worked on her vocals. He never worked on his breathing. This is typical for our conception to release mentality of creating music.

There was a time when a band or artist had some writing/jam sessions, figured out what they wanted to do, recorded a demo, played some shows, recorded new songs for a 7 inch, then demo’d new songs for an album, then recorded those songs. Now you decide over cheese fries, high as a kite 2AM on a saturday morning that you want to sound like Brokencyde (I don’t get that) and by the time your parents are home from church you have a YouTube channel and facebook page and are on your way to 50,000 views and a blurb on AbPunk.

And that’s what’s wrong  with this. At least put some work into it. Sell it to me. Make me think at least YOU mean it. I don’t believe you for a second, dude with a lip ring.

At least Brokencyde make us believe them. They want you to know how angsty they are. And I believe them. I believe they are SO MAD that the age of consent isn’t 12. And I get that frustration. I have felt frustration in my life. Over different things, but still, I get it.

These kids…. not so much.

I get that this kid was bored last night and that he thinks his little brother’s dinosaur toys are CRAZY AWESOME.

Just sell it to me. I’m never gonna like it, but at least I respect Attack Attack and their painstaking effort to make painfully awful music.

John Peel once said something to the effect of, ‘if I don’t like something, that’s on me. I can’t discredit something someone else believes is valuable.’

And I fully agree with it. If you think that the music you are playing is worth paying attention too, then I will give it a fair shake. And if I don’t like it, that’s on me. You should still make it and love it and look for the correct audience.

But I don’t believe that these two punishers really believe it. I don’t think they believe that this is worth listening to and/or taking seriously. So I won’t. And that’s what’s wrong with kids today. The instant gratification that comes with the internet porn generation.

Kids! Take a couple of minutes. Re-listen to what you are making. Make sure you have made the best product you can make. Make sure you are working hard at being the best at what you are doing. Don’t clutter the lane for the really great bands. I’m not saying you can’t play this crap. Go ahead, play this crap. Just play it well. Work on your fake screams so it doesn’t just sound like white noise. Work on your talking parts, so at least there’s some personality and it doesn’t sound like one take while you are txting “your BFF about JB,” quotes and all. And dude. Work on your breathing. You look like a fat kid on a treadmill and you aren’t even that fat.

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