POZ Interview: Sleeping With Sirens

by Zack Zarrillo - Nov 27, 2012


PropertyOfZack spoke with Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens a few weeks ago for a great interview. We discussed the band’s fall tour, recent major success and growth, the surprise of their acoustic EP, recording details for their LP, and more. Check it all out below!

The band is past the middle of its fall tour with Pierce The Veil. An impressive number of the shows have been sold out. How has the tour been?
It’s been great. It’s been a lot of fun with awesome people coming out to the shows. The bands are really cool and I can’t complain. It’s been awesome.

The last year has been an interesting jump in exposure for you guys. Has growth almost seemed exponential?
It’s kind of hard to tell when you’re in it. A lot of kids are coming out to shows, but we just write the music that we can and continue to grow as a band. We hope that the kids follow. You try not to think about it too much and just play the shows and write the music.

Sleeping With Sirens just released a special Halloween song as well. Was that nice to do for fans?
I’ve been watching a lot of Walking Dead, and I was like, “Man, I want to write a song about zombies.” It was around Halloween, so what better time to do it then now. It was a lot of fun to do something that’s out of the box for us, I guess. It’s definitely not what Sleeping With Sirens is going to sound like in the future. It’s just something we did for fun.

Fans are looking forward to the writing and recording of a new record, but the EP has been a large success. Has it been nice to see large success in what was probably was supposed to be a minor release?
Yeah, we were definitely surprised. I expected it to be okay because we did so many acoustic shows in our career to give more to the fans and to show them that we have a little something extra. I know that people were waiting a while for an acoustic EP. There wasn’t a surprise there that people went out to buy it. I am a little bit surprised to see how many people are going out to buy it all this time later. It’s surprising and it’s nice. 

What’s the plan in terms of the next few months for the band?
We’ve been writing on this tour. We have about nine songs completed. We’re going to take a few weeks to write in December. In January we’ll go into the studio to record our next full-length.

A lot of bands have trouble writing on tour, but has it been easy going for you guys?
I haven’t really been able to sleep. I’ve been having so many choruses and things in my head that I’ve been writing. It’s been fun. I think we’re very excited to get back into the studio and put out more songs next year. We’re all really comfortable together as a five piece. We had a lot of member changes before that, but now we are who we are. We’re very excited to have everyone get in there and do what they do best. 

Is the writing reflective of that? That there’s more of a unified feeling without constant member changes?
Yeah, I think so. I know Jack, our new guitar player, he told me the other day that this record is going to be a lot better in terms of branching out and doing things he couldn’t of on the first record because he was still trying to click with us. I think now that we know what we want to do now. It’s going to be a lot easier and is going to give us a lot more chances to try different things that we used to not be able to do because we were rushing to get songs completed in a minimal song. This time we have rough drafts figured out. It’s going to be nice to go into the studio and try things out for the hell of it. 

Is there a set amount of songs you want done by the end of December?
We plan on going into the studio with around twenty sons. Not all of those will make the record, but we’re going to keep the songs for later use, I guess.

Who’s producing the record?
We have a couple people working on the record. We’re tracking with Cameron Mizell. He’s doing a lot of the producing and post production. We haven’t gotten a yes yet, but we’re looking into a few other producers to do a mix and master of the record. Aaron Sprinkle is an engineer that we’re really interested in having work with us. I love his work. The new Anberlin record is awesome.

You’ll be doing Soundwave after recording. So would a late-spring release for this be great?
We’re doing Southeast Asia and Soundwave. Then we’re looking into doing a headliner, and possible some Europe dates before the summer and release.

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