POZ Review: You, Me & Everyone We Know - A Great Big Hole

by Zack Zarrillo - Nov 30, 2012


Ben Liebsch has been through the ringer. His latest creation, A Great Big Hole EP, is a heartfelt testament to rebirth. Although the EP’s production is does not meet that of You, Me & Everyone We Know's previous bigger-budget releases, these songs’ rough edges serve as the perfect accouterment to Liebsch’s elegantly cathartic spewing. 

“Coming Up Short” is the high point of this slim three-song release. Typical of YM&EWK, simplified theatrical instrumentation keeps the tone lighthearted, whatever the lyrics may condescend. In this case, however, the message is brilliantly positive: “The road ahead brings a warm smile/As I look back at the last mile.” The goal is clear and the execution is poetic—a painfully rare combination these days. Distorted arena guitars slide into each note with smirking confidence as Leibsch’s spot-on vocal abilities are emphasized even further by the EP’s lack of production quality. Quirky extras like a buzzing alarm fading in and out of the bridge provide some additional dramatic kick.    

The title track expands further on the theme of self-reinvention, this time emphasizing the not-so-sparkly events that induce a desire for revival. Liebsch’s vocals soar in the chorus, tracing a beautifully dramatic pop-perfect melody with the insightful words, “To get this low I had to dig a great big hole/Now the only way out cost me everything I know.” A purposeful chord progression provides all-encompassing optimism in the chorus, and vibrant strings push the song’s buoyancy even further in the post-chorus. 

“I’m Alright,” clocking in at just over one minute, feels a lot more like an opener than a closer. But then again, it succeeds in dishing out one last heaping scoop of confident positivity before the EP fizzles out. Drums kick up the tempo a few extra notches and guitars hold back no distorted power as the rhythm section barrels through an assertive declaration of self-assurance. The chorus features an almost laughably powerpop synth that fills out the last few cracks in the mix. This wild train of energetic instrumentation speeds forward at full force until an abrupt “I’m alright!” brings the whole shebang to a close.

Straightforward lyrics, untouchable vocals, and delightfully theatrical instrumentation  combine to produce yet another irresistibly feel-good release from You, Me & Everyone We Know. 


*This review was composed by Jacob Ewald and edited by Erik van Rheenen

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