POZ Interview: Taking Back Sunday

by Zack Zarrillo - Dec 5, 2012


Taking Back Sunday wrapped up their TAYF10 Tour a week and a half ago, and PropertyOfZack had the chance to catch up with Adam Lazrara and John Nolan right before its end for a brief interview. We discussed the massive success of the ten year tour, ending the cycle for their self-titled record, moving on to writing and demoing for their new album, label details, and more. Check it all out below!

The tour is just about wrapped up. A majority of the dates have been sold out.
Adam: It feels pretty good.
POZ: This is a ten year tour, so expectations were obviously high, but has the reality been greater than you thought it would be?
Adam: We knew people would be excited, but we didn’t know people would be this excited. So it’s been pretty awesome.

Most of the East Coast shows sold out within a few hours, and there are a minimum of two in each market.
Adam: Starland Ballroom got wiped out by the hurricane, so they moved it to another place, and that’s even going to sell out. We put up a benefit show too a week in advance, and that already sold out. It definitely feels really good. 

This comes at the end of the self-titled album cycle. Is the band happy with the overall push of the album?
Adam: As far as touring goes and playing these songs to people, I think we got a good full swing out of it.
John: We’re well over a solid year of touring for the album. We did that Thursday tour the summer before last, and we’ve stayed out semi-consistently on it, which is pretty cool. That’s also what’s so cool about this tour. After three US tours, we’re still selling places out. It’s cool. 

Between Warped and this run, it’s been a solid six months of touring. Will you be taking a break before writing?
Adam: We’ve already demoed some songs. In January we’re doing a Navy entertainment tour; it’s where you go to the different bases and play to the troops. After that we’re aiming to rent a house to finish up the writing process together. 
John: We’ve started when we’ve had downtime, but I think we need to be together for a while to start getting serious. The ball is rolling.

You camped out in El Paso last time, and that seemed beneficial to the whole process. Is that the reason for doing it again?
Adam: This time we’ll do it a little differently. Last time we went to a place out in the middle of nowhere in El Paso. This time we’ll probably go somewhere in the Northeast.
John: It probably won’t be a studio. We’ll probably rent a house and bring our own recording stuff. We’ll engineer everything ourselves and make it us.

The band has been demoing with Sapone as well, right?
Adam: We were there right before this tour.
POZ: Were the demos taking shape quickly?
Adam: There’s one song that was pretty awesome, in terms of coming together. My leg was messed up pretty bad, so the four guys went and recorded all the instruments. Then I came up later when I was more healed. John and I were doing vocals. There’s one song we really stripped down and doesn’t sound like anything we’ve ever done, which is really exciting to go into new territories. 

Taking Back Sunday came together for the first time again with this lineup to write and record the album, but would you say you’re more comfortable now?
Adam: The process is a lot more fluid. It’s going really well. If you’re coming up with an idea to add to someone else’s idea or are coming in with a part, you just kind of know what to expect now. You know where everybody’s strengths are and we can lean on each other more. 
John: What was interesting last time too was that it was going to be compared to what the other lineups had done and then what this lineup did ten years ago. It’s nice now that this new album will, mostly, be compared to our last album, which is much more of a realistic way to judge our process as a band.

Is there a timeline to get back into the studio?
Adam: We’d like to be sooner than later. We take things one step at a time. It could take anywhere from a couple weeks to months.
John: We don’t want to take forever. If we could go into the studio next month and spend a month recording it, that would be amazing and ideal. At this point, I think we’re all pretty in-tune to knowing when the song has gotten where it needs to be. We also know that it just takes time to get there too. We’re not at a point where we’re going to begin to put a timeline on anything. 

Will this release be with or without Warner?
Adam: That’s still left to be seen. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but rock music isn’t doing that well right now because people just steal it. It’s interesting because with pop or country music, that’s still selling well. The demographic isn’t stealing as much.
John: It’s also being played on the radio.
POZ: You’re also more likely to just buy a single instead of a ten dollar album.
Adam: As far as where rock exists in the record industry, it’s a weird place. Everything comes in waves. It’s just on the down turn right now as far as labels figuring it out on the business end. 

The band has done a few acoustic shows on this tour. Are those being released and taped?
Adam: We’re been recording them. It’ll hopefully be available early next year.
John: If all goes well.

In terms of touring, will you be off the road until the album comes out?
Adam: I would imagine. 
John: The writing and recording is going to be the focus for a while now.

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