PropertyOfZack Road Blog : : A Loss For Words (Update I)

by Zack Zarrillo - Mar 8, 2011


PropertyOfZack is glad to finally be revealing our brand new Road Blog with A Loss For Words. The band is currently on tour with Streetlight Manifesto across American and we’ve caught up with the band halfway through. Check back weekly for new updates!

From Matty Arsenault:

I’m hanging “backstage” at the New Daisy in Memphis TN, three weeks into our tour with Streetlight Manifesto, Lionize and Larry And His Flask. I’m sort of bummed. I smell a little bit like vomit from last night. We were staying with our friend in Little Rock and I was literally just getting my clothes off to hop into the shower when the door bursts open, homeboy barges in with a sickly look on his face and proceeds to yak all over a pile of my clothes. No worries, he cleaned it up and all in all it was a really fun night that basically sums up this tour- a lot of fun and some weird bodily fluids. Right now, all I can think about is checking out Central Barbeque. I keep hearing it’s the place to eat in Memphis. It’s not for my brittle vegan bandmates, but they’ve been spoiled this whole tour. We’ve eaten like pigs. Or kings. Or king pigs. Or the Pig King. Definitely check out some of the sweet vegetarian/vegan eateries we’ve gone to like Stella’s in Grand Rapids (buffalo “wings” are fucking delicious), Green in Tempe, AZ (grab a Rocky Road Tsoynami, you won’t be disappointed) and the Chicago Diner (it’s hard to choose- everything on their menu looks awesome). We’re stoked to still be breathing after treacherous drives through the Canadian tundra and the mountains of the Northwest. The whole way to Portland from Seattle, the van and trailer slid down an icy incline that easily could have claimed our lives. Once in Portland, Brendan from AMP magazine hooked us up with some eats overlooking the whole city at this fancy restaurant. Thanks man! Everyone on the Westside of the country make us New Englanders feel at home. I especially love Las Vegas (aka Sin City). I hope they appreciated my three hundred dollar donation to their fine establishments. Our good friends in Lionize left the tour in Pomona to a sold out audience at the Glasshouse- we miss those dudes already but luckily the boys in Larry And His Flask can party just as hard. I’m excited to see those animals play every night for the next couple weeks. I just overheard our buddy Keith from Daytrader and Ambitions say that the New Daisy’s toilet has a furious flush. I’m looking forward to dropping off my Central BBQ babies into the flood. Keith’s been filling in on drums for this tour and, I’ve got to say, he’s killin’ it. He practiced the songs with us for a day and has been destroying since the first date in Rochester. Unfortunately, his passport got “gacked” (in Keith’s bizarre New York slang for stolen. Seriously, what the hell does duff mean?) at the Triple Rock- best venue regardless of the mix up. Billy from Our Life Story saved the day. He jokingly offered to fill-in for the Canadian dates and the poor bastard wound up with us for the next five days. Thanks dude, stoked to hear the new EP!  Honestly, we’ve been having blast in the van on all the overnight drives- weird shenanigans such as “Than Thursdays” have developed. Every Thursday check out our tumblr for a Thandid Candid of our merch dude, Than. Sometimes he drives us insane (see photographic evidence of Nevada in a sexy pose after an underwear mosh party spurred by Than) but we still love him. I’m going to hit up that BBQ joint- stayed tuned for more updates guys, thanks for reading!
PS- I’m trying to hook it up with Snookie and get some smush-smush. Do me a favor and tweet @Sn00kie “plz let @mattyal4w take you on a date”. Even if she just knows I exist it will make my heart beat that much faster.
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