The Company We Keep Announce New Vocalist

by Zack Zarrillo - Dec 10, 2012

The Company We Keep's new vocalist is Haden Brightwell. Check out a demo of a new song with Haden on vocals here and an interview about the band’s new singer below by clicking “Read More.”

After only one EP and a few tours, you parted ways with your original vocalist - what was your process moving forward?

Brian: Obviously with Amy leaving we had a hole to fill. We decided to release a statement inviting people to send email auditions so we could survey a broader range of people outside of our immediate group of friends/musicians. Over the course of 3-4 months we had many talented people send us videos and/or mp3s, and then we followed up with having a select few record a version of one of our previously recorded songs. In the meantime, we continued to write and demo new songs so we wouldnt be sitting idle.

How did Haden first appear on the band’s radar?

Haden was one of the first people to reach out to us. She sent some videos of her former band, and we were instantly blown away. We quickly had her record her own version of one of our songs to see how her voice would mix with our band, and it didnt take long for us all to agree she had to be the singer of this band. We spent a few months sending music back and forth and working on ideas long distance, while planning a trip to MI for her, so we could record music in person. We had all pretty much decided that we wanted Haden in this band before she even arrived, and then were even more blown away by her by the time we finished these new demos.

Is this a continuation of the Making Moves sound or a reinvention of sorts?

To me, its a continuation, but anyone not in this band will most likely disagree. Most of the songs we will include on an LP will be songs that were already in the works when we recorded the Making Moves 7”, but made the decision to save these songs for an LP. I’m proud of the songs on the 7”, but i fear they gave the wrong impression of what this band truly is. I cant wait to get moving on the tracking of an LP so we can show everyone the music we’ve been working on for the past 3 years.

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