PropertyOfZack Road Blog : : I Call Fives (Update II)

by Zack Zarrillo - Mar 13, 2011


From Chris McLelland:

Hey guys! Crazy few days in the world of I Call Fives. So last we checked in, we finished up our time on the east coast and we were starting to make our way up to Kentucky.

The Kentucky show was great. We got to play with our boys in Talk is Cheap which was sick. They’re super nice dudes and a great band. Keep an eye our for their new songs! Anyway, the show was in such a small town, that it had us wondering (even worrying) about how many kids would show up. It’s safe to say that we were very stoked to see how many kids came out and even more excited about the reaction that all of the bands on the show received. After the show, we headed with Rust Belt Lights to our new found friend, Jordan’s house, where he put all of us up to the night. Thanks again, Jordan!

Our trip out of Kentucky, however, was horrifying. Jordan lived in the mountains…Way up in the mountains. So far up that Rust Belt claims to have seen a mountain lion. But that’s neither here nor there. The trip was down some crazy steep and winding roads that had all of us close to messing ourselves. But we made it out alive and that’s what counts.

Next stop Cincinnati, OH.

In Cincinnati, we played a bar called Fogarty’s, where I was introduced to a shot called the “Baby Beer.” I don’t remember what was in it but it’s probably best if we keep it that way for the sake of my liver. Show was good, got a place to stay and a sweet hot shower.

The next day, we woke up pretty early to head to the Fearless Radio station in Chicago for an interview at 2pm. We always have such a good time there and the entire staff over there rules way to hard. Anyway, after Chicago, we headed to Lake in the Hills, Il. We played an awesome skate park called Warp. A few of us skated pretty much the entire time we weren’t playing. But the show, itself, was insane. Kids went off for every band, an even for us despite the RIDICULOUS amount of technical difficulties. (sorry about that, guys).  After we played, we did a new digital tour bus in our semi-new van. We also helped Rust Belt party hard for their digital tour bus in their Lindy.

After an extremely long day, we headed back to Chicago again to sleep at our very good friend Pete’s studio. We love you, Pete.

The next morning we woke up super early to get down to business. We actually got to demo a few of our many new songs and we are VERY stoked about how the new material is coming along. were really working hard to write some songs that you guys will love as much as we do so get pumped!

After our very productive studio sesh with Pete, we started heading to Indiana. We played at a venue called the Dojo which was the size of my living room. so sick. The intimate small venues are definitely where it’s at. We all loaded out in the rain which kind of sucked but this is honestly where it gets interesting. Mike, at this point, was getting very sick (poor little guy) so the band decided to get a cheap motel room in order to get him a decent night of sleep.

I, on the other hand, felt like getting rowdy so I went with the guys in Rust Belt Lights. The shows promoter, Joe, took us to an awesome bar with FIFTY-ONE beers on tap. Between the eight or nine of us that went out, we probably tried over fifteen different local beers. So good. We also went to an incredible Mexican place next door for the best burritos, salsa and chips that you’ve ever had in your life. I had a nice slumber in the Lindy, and ICF had a gentle slumber in the hotel room.

That morning I woke up in the Lindy feeling lost, cold, used and alone because I wasn’t with the rest of my ICF guys. I quickly turned to one thing to make me feel better… Arby’s. It, obviously, did the trick and we started the drive to Lansing, MI. During the drive I played Quell (farkell) and the guys cooked me sausages. All in all, a good ride. We arrived at the venue, Mac’s where I met up with the rest of the guys.

The venue was an awesome dive bar with a bar tender that was probably the coolest dude I’ve ever met. Solid guy, backed hard. The show was fun but after was hilarious. The promoter, Scotty brought us to a bar/club called the whiskey barrel. Drew, Jeff and Scotty danced the night away while Nick (rust belt) and I people watched and drank whisky and cokes. Our merch guy Dom also got a ride on the mechanical bull. Very disturbing.

After the bar, Scotty put us up, we ate Ramen, watched Major League and crashed. Great night.

The next night we played in Toledo, OH. It was easily the best turn out of the tour. So many kids, and I’ve never seen Kid Liberty have such an insane reaction. They killed it! After, The other bands invited us to a bar with them but we declined because we knew we had a long day of border hoppin ahead of us.

After a solid sleep, we all woke up and started to get ready to hit Canada’s border. We sent out the last bit of mail that needed to be sent, went grocery shopping and gassed up the whip. I offered to drive to the border because I normally don’t get nervous for things like that. But, like usual, I was wrong. We crossed the Ambassador and I immediately started stuttering and blushing like an idiot. But, we got into customs. Still nervous. The border patrol had us get out and began tearing apart our van. After searching, they claimed they smelled weed in the van so they started searching us personally. They obviously didn’t find anything. However, that wasn’t enough to satisfy them so they brought out the DOG. a little over the top, if you ask me, but we didn’t have anything to hide so we weren’t too worried. The pooch pin pointed ME of all people Which was weird because I’ve never smoked in my life. I was one sniff and two cold fingers shy of a cavity search But, luckily the cops took our word for it and let us through!

Canada, here we come!

So, our first Canadian show wasn’t the best show of the tour but we were still stoked to be there and to meet some awesome new friends. After the show, we were offered multiple places to stay, which should tell you a lot about the people here. We ended up staying with our new friend, Eddie, who we met through Rust Belt. We got some grub, watched a movie and crashed out.

I woke up a few minutes ago to a few inches of show and Starsky and Hutch on TV. Win! But, that’s what’s happening right now. In a little bit were heading to our second Canada show and we can only hope we meet some people as awesome as our new friends in kitchner.

By the way, guys, if were not up on our Twitter or Facebook game over the next few days, just bare with us cause we won’t have service until we get back to the US. Until then feast your eyes on these very stimulating pictures. See you in a few days guys!
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