POZ Showcase: The Drama State

by Zack Zarrillo - Dec 23, 2012


The Drama State’s name arose from universal small town politics. No, not actual governmental (over)intervention, but rather, from local gossip. The Midwest quintet channel local experiences to craft a sound that is both nostalgic and fresh. The guys want to create music that is classic; music that defines rather than transcends. Lofty ambitions, sure, but The Drama State have the commitment and talent to actually accomplish such a feat.    

For Fans Of: Hit the Lights, Mercy Mercedes, The Spill Canvas
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Please list all of your band members and their roles in the band.
Ryan Diskey - Vocals
Ronnie Ish - Guitar / Vocals
Eric Hewitt - Guitar
Ramsey Hall - Bass
Mike Babb- Drums

What’s your hometown (or what are your hometowns)?
We are all from Gas City, Indiana. Except for Ronnie; he’s from Detroit, Michigan.

How did the band come together? How long has it been?
The band has been around in various forms and under different names since 2004. Everyone except for Ronnie grew up together, and played in the local scene in different bands with each other since high school. We met Ronnie when he was touring with a band from Indianapolis, IN. We really clicked with him so we asked him to come and jam. It worked extremely well, so Ryan stopped playing guitar and just focused on lead vocals. We’ve been The Drama State for about 8 months.

Why should people listen to your band?
For a connection. We remember listening to bands growing up and feeling a certain way but when I heard a song that totally related to my situation it was like “Yes, I’m not the only one who feels like this.” They should listen to have fun; to make memories. If we could be everyone’s favorite band that would be rad but I think we’d rather be the band that you were listening to when you made your favorite memory, ya know? The band you spend your summer listening to with your friends.

How have you grown since you started?
We’ve learned a lot. We’ve grown as people and our music has grown because of that, I think. Touring really taught us a lot. It’s hard when you first start out because no one cares who you are. That will either make you rethink what you’re doing, or make you love what you’re doing a million times more because you have to work so damn hard to do it.

What sets you apart from other bands in the scene?
Our honesty and how much we really appreciate EVERYTHING. It sucks how many bands say, “oh we really love our fans and bla bla bla,” but they sell them a t-shirt, give them a high five, and then walk away. We aren’t about that. We have made so many friends because they liked our band. We know we’re extremely lucky to get to do what we do and we never take anything or anyone for granted.  

What’s the best part about being in your band?
Meeting tons of people, hearing/partying with awesome bands, and spending almost all of our time with our best friends. Loading in, long drive times, and all the waiting can suck it, but other than that everything is the best part.  

More times than not, influences tend to bleed through. What bands are currently inspiring the music that you’re making?
We love playing the kind of music listened to when we were in high-school and first starting in our own bands. Taking Back Sunday, Story Of The Year, My American Heart, Brand New, Fall Out Boy, The Starting Line, New Found Glory. All of those bands really had a huge influence on the album we just recorded.

What would you say the band has already accomplished and what do you have your eyes set on next?
We just recorded an album that we are really, really proud of. We’ve been touring (including Warped Tour which breaks up more bands than girls do) and we haven’t gotten sick of each other. We’ve accomplished turning no’s into yes’s. From here we just plan on touring our asses off, hopefully getting back to the UK to see our friends over there, and getting our music to as many people as possible. Also, and we know it’s a long shot, but a collaboration with Two Chainz.

Thus far, what’s a favorite memory or something quirky that’s taken place with the band (in-studio, onstage, or elsewhere)?
Warped Tour ‘11. We had HORRIBLE van trouble. We had to get a new transmission and had no money for it. We were sleeping in the van in a Midas parking lot trying to raise the money. We had so many people donate to us or help us out in some way it really blew us away. To be in that spot and get overwhelming support from people, some you don’t even personally know, that believe in you and your music is a feeling that will never leave any one of us.

And one time on tour Ronnie pooped his pants. He said it was rust from the seat belt but we’re still not buying it. You may just have to ask him about it.

Is there anything in particular that you’d like people to take away from listening to your music?
That it’s your life and you should live it how you want. Some day you’re gonna die and your life is only gonna be as good as the stories you have to tell. So go make some. And no matter what you think you’re never alone, there’s always gonna be someone there who knows exactly how you’re feeling and what you’re going through. Last of all, to party really, really hard. We don’t care HOW you party, but party.

If you could change something about the music industry, what would it be?
We would change bands being complete dicks to each other. We get it, it’s a competitive business but some of the things we’ve seen and heard is just ridiculous. Whether it’s from a national act to a local act or a local to a local or any combination you can come up with. You don’t have to be a jerk. ACT NORMAL!

What bands that are your contemporaries have you begun playing with or forming a relationship with that you recommend to your fans?
We got the chance to tour with the bands Young Alive and Love, Robot last spring. They are super talented and some of the nicest people we’ve ever met. And if anyone from those bands are reading this you have to wash our van next time we’re on the east coast. Suckers. We are also digging the guys in Drop The Anchor and We Are Forever. Check all of those bands out puhlease!

How did your band’s name come about?
Our drummer Mike thought of it one day. We’re from a small town in Indiana so everyone knows everything about everyone and a lot of people have nothing better to do than start drama. We think that that’s kind of a problem everywhere though so if you hear “the drama state” 8 out of 10 people are going to be like “they have to be talking about my state”.  

What’s the biggest mistake someone’s made while playing?  
From Ramsey hitting a brown note, to Ronnie missing a harmonic, Ryan singing a flat note, or Mike playing too slow. We ALL make mistakes.  

Any pre-performance rituals?
We all try to eat 7 baconators from Wendy’s as fast as we can. That gets us so hyped. Not really. We just get together and stretch before we hit the stage.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
We’d like to thank PropertyOfZack for being awesome. Shout out to our label Streaker Records for working as hard as they’ve been. Lastly we’d like to thank everyone who read this. If you haven’t heard our music please check it out and let us know what you think!

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*This Showcase was compiled, written, and edited by Michael Meeze

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