POZ Interview: A Rocket To The Moon

by Zack Zarrillo - Jan 9, 2013


PropertyOfZack had the chance to speak with Eric Halvorsen from A Rocket To The Moon a few weeks ago for an interview. Andrew and I discussed the band’s new single, the continual delay for their new album, hopes for a release time, and more. Check it all out below!

“Ever Enough” has been released as a new single and it’s the first taste of new music since the EP. How has the response been?
The response seems to be really good. I think it’s what most fans were hoping for with a more ballad-like song. Everybody seems to be receiving it well, and it feels good.

That Old Feeling was released in October as a teaser EP. Has it been a nice buildup since the album was delayed from its original release?
Unfortunately things keep getting pushed back and whatnot. We were impatient, and I’m sure fans are too. Instead of just waiting and waiting for the full-length to come out, we just decided to release a few songs to give people a taste of what to come. 

The band toured in the spring with AAR, but had been off the road all summer into the fall. Was it nice to do that two week headliner?
Absolutely. Like you said, we had the whole summer off. I traveled a lot and hung out with a lot of friends, but after a while, you just get cabin fever. Being home that long and not really doing much productive is hard. Getting to tour after a long time off is great.

Has the album been finished since April?
We finished the last few songs at the end of March or early-April. We finished those two songs and started that Rejects tour. The album has been done for six or eight months now. 

I think everyone expected a fall release. What’s the reason for the delay?
It keeps getting pushed back for numerous releases. Plans for radio and creating a big picture, I guess, in everyone’s head. Sometimes labels don’t see a certain release date as possible to get done all the things they want to. It’s not like we want to do it, but it’s just for what’s the best. That’s how it works.

Is there a set date yet?
It’s going to be sometime next year in the spring. We’re still not exactly sure.

Have you been able to book tours, but is that up in the air for now too?
We’re currently looking for spring tours.

Will the winter be tour-less then?
We have something in February. We’re going out on the Rock Boat, which is a five day cruise with some awesome bands. We have that and some other plans for early-March that I can’t say yet. We have something planned. 

So, there’s hope for more radio push. Is it nerve-wracking to try to take that jump?
Definitely We’re not going to country radio. I think some people assume that that’s what we’re trying to do, but it’s not. If it happens naturally then we’re all for it, but that’s not our strategy as of right now. We are going to be taking “Ever Enough” to radio. It’s stressful whenever you start a radio campaign at all. 

Do you think we’ll be seeing anymore songs off of the album before it’s released? Or is the push on the new single?
Nick is shooting a new video this weekend. It’s kind of like him and another casted character. They are kind of road-tripping and doing all this summer. It’s not a typical video. Nick will be like a character in the video. It’s more like a short film. I think it’s going to be really cool. There’s a great story line behind it. We’ll be pushing that soon as well.

Has it been a little frustrating to play a waiting game that keeps getting delayed?
Most definitely. We wrote these songs so long ago and recorded them so long ago. A majority of the record was recorded a year ago in January and February. We’ve had most of these songs done for a while now. We have trust in our team, but absolutely. Not being able to give our fans what they want to hear is tough. It was supposed to be out in the spring and then the fall. We just want to give them new music and to go out and play that new music. It takes a little bit of the excitement out of things. When you have a finished product, you want to get it out as soon as possible. When it does come out though, we’ll be just as excited. It’s been a long time coming.

So fans can hope for an album and tour in the early spring?

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