POZ Discussion: Artists To Watch In 2013

by Zack Zarrillo - Jan 22, 2013


We’re all in check with when our favorite and well-established artists are releasing new music each year, but some of the greatest surprises often come from bands we just simply didn’t see coming. Today PropertyOfZack is stoked to take the wraps off of our five Artists To Watch In 2013 DiscussionFeel free to reblog with artists that you think are going to take us by storm in 2013 and check out our list below! 


Real Friends 
Who are these guys? They’ve barely toured, they’ve barely released material, and yet they keep popping up everywhere you look. I think Real Friends are going to be the biggest unsigned band in our lovely little genre by the end of 2013. It’s rare to see a band build such a fan base and so much hype without having support all around them, but that’s exactly what they’ve done. They’ll be touring this spring with Senses Fail, Such Gold, and Major League, and I’m all but positive that they’ll blow both openers out of the water as excitement continues to build. 

Hopefully, we’ll see a another EP release this summer and a tour this fall from the band before they jump into a label deal. If Real Friends are smart, which they certainly seem to be, they’ll continue to build on their own until labels are salivating at the thought of signing them. We still need to find out if the band can write a quality full-length record, but if they can, I’d imagine they’ll be The Story So Far of 2013/2014 when it comes down to overnight success and hopefully sustainability. Keep your sleepy eyes peeled. - Zack Zarrillo (@zzarrillo)


Modern Baseball 
Every now and again you come across a band that makes you pop your head up and say, “Hey, that’s good. Show me some more of that.” And that’s exactly what I did when I heard Modern Baseball one unexpected night. Honest lyrics, refreshing music, and a tinge of Michael Cera-like awkwardness is what you get from the band. It’s an irresistible combination from a group of guys mostly still in their teenage years, and that shows a promising future. 

The release of their debut album, Sports, is still fresh, and has a lot of more ground to cover, but you can feel them suddenly having legs to stand on. I’d expect Modern Baseball to get swooped up by a label sometime soon with a sophomore release maybe as soon as later this year. These guys just seem to be able to write music that you and I can relate to and that’s a quality you can’t learn. 2013 is going to be a good year for Modern Baseball. - Zack Zarrillo (@zzarrillo)


For The Foxes 
For The Foxes are, for my money, the band most likely to repeat fun.’s rise from out of the “scene” to the top of the pop charts. Their debut EP for Hopeless Records,The Revolution, trucks in the same sort of mainstream-indie that’s succeeded so well for acts like Neon Trees and Foster The People. There’s post-Strokes jangle, Vampire Weekend-ish Africanisms, cinema-scope choruses a la The Killers; basically, if it’s got guitars and crossed over to Top 40 within the last decade, For The Foxes are on top of it. Yet somehow, the end result comes off feeling guileless, uncalculated — For The Foxes sound like they’re legitimately having fun banging out what just happens to be one radio-ready chorus after another.

For The Foxes are headed out on the road in March as openers for The Summer Set’s headline tour with We Are The In Crowd and Go Radio, and will be playing the entire Warped Tour this Summer. I’m sure they’ll go over just fine with those crowds, and it’s a great opportunity for them to work their live set into mechanical precision through night after night of repetition. The key is whether they can take it to the next level after; if band and label play their cards right, For The Foxes will be out of this pond and on to bigger things as soon as they’re ready.

Of course, when they’ll be ready is the big question. I’m cheating a little bit here; I think 201is going to be the make-or-break year for For The Foxes. Which means that you’ve got all of 2013 to see them up close and personal, while they put in the necessary legwork to get to that next phase. Do it while you have the chance; I don’t expect they’ll be playing small venues for long. - Jesse Richman (@jrichmanesq)


The Republic Of Wolves 
Somehow the guys in The Republic of Wolves have managed to allocated enough time to come back together to record their sophomore album. And although the Long Island music collective have yet to hint at an anticipated release date for their follow-up to their 2010 debut full-length, Varuna, we can rest assured that 2013 will find the outfit releasing new music. A new album cannot come soon enough. While the guys have focused on individual projects over the past year or two, their joint genius is sure to floor melodic music fans all over again. - Michael Meeze (@mikemeeze)


Tiny Moving Parts 
When it comes to bands that fit “the wave,” La Dispute was the first to mesh half-spoken, half-shouted poetry with ambient guitar and hardcore influences. But armed with twinkly guitar and weaving yarns of heartbreak and growing up, Tiny Moving Parts does it better. Mike Kinsella may have started the Midwestern emo movement, but does it get much more Midwestern than recording a debut full-length in Fargo and having an interlude that samples Brett Favre’s (first) retirement speech?

Tiny Moving Parts already have the jump on the competition — the band released “This Couch is Long & Full of Friendship” earlier this month. Sparkling guitar riffs and rough-around-the-edges are par for the course in a genre packed to capacity with bands, but Dylan Mattheisen and Matt Chevalier shout out some harrowing confessionals. It’s a record about holding steady, staying strong and having guts, and boy, does Tiny Moving Parts have guts by the armful. The Midwestern emo revival was knocking on the door in 2012, but Tiny Moving Parts will kick it down in 2013. Bet on it. - Erik van Rheenen (@TheRealVandyMan)

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