POZ Interview: Vinnie Caruana

by Zack Zarrillo - Jan 29, 2013


PropertyOfZack spoke with Vinnie Caruana a few weeks ago for a great interview. We spoke about his new solo EP, why he decided to release material now, upcoming touring, future release plans for both solo and Avalanche material, and much more. Check it all out below!

Your solo EP was announced just a few days ago with I Surrender Records and Run For Cover Records and you released a new song as well. We knew you were recording something, but how was the initial excitement behind the song, and release in general, been from fans?
It’s pretty cool man. I’m definitely feeling the excitement from people. People have been coming out of the woodwork, being like “I heard the song. I loved it.” It’s a different feeling when it’s your solo thing, you know? It just feels really weird. I was kind of scared to read what people had to say. It’s kind of different.  Like, “I don’t like Vinnie.” Or, “I don’t like I Am The Avalanche.” So I was a little apprehensive about that. But, it’s been really positive and I’m super excited. 

You’ve done solo shows for years now, but what made right now the time to do this?
I had been thinking about doing it for forever. I’d been talking about doing it and slowly writing it. The Avalanche got done touring in July for the record, and I definitely saw this as a window where I could record original music. I wasn’t going to have a release and not tour in support of it so this is just a nice little window between everything that I’m doing, where I can actually pay attention and put the time in or put the effort in to full support the EP. This is it. I’m touring a bunch from February through the summer. And recording the new I Am The Avalanche record in between solo tours. I sit there… I have this really great woman and she manages everything I do and she helps me to plan my year out. Basically to help me structure a year and to be creative throughout the year. 

This is coming out with I Surrender Records, which you’ve done with Avalanche, and now Run For Cover as well. Was there a reason you decided to add Run For Cover and Jeff into the mix?
You know, Run For Cover is, I’d say, among our peers and among our circle of friends, as far as people in the music business and people in the more touring community. They’ve done a lot of good things for a lot of our friends and peers. We got to tour with Jeff when Avalanche took Hostage Calm on the U.K. tour. Jeff came along and I got to know him. We actually started talking about it back then. I knew that doing the vinyl with Jeff would be a really good decision. I know that they work hard to distribute and to advertise their product. They did a really good job. The amount of vinyl that we sold in the last two days is staggering. I know that I made the right decision for the job. 

The last Avalanche record came out years and years after the first one. But with this solo EP, you went in, recorded it, and did same thing with the Peaced Out release. Is it nice to have been able to get something done within a six month span and give it to your fans.
Oh yeah. All these different releases definitely reflect on it. Not officially releasing any music in like five years was crazy and really killing me. This is definitely a result of that. Just going and trying to be as prolific as I can be. 

Is the first song that was released indicative of the rest of the material? 
I think it’s a good representation. I think it was a good solid song to lead with. It kind of varies; the vibes and the dynamic kind of vary and come in and out. Not every song sounds the same. But I think this is a good overall tone to set and to assure people. People who watch me play are probably familiar with the song called “To Be Dead In Love.” That’s a song I’ve been playing for a few years and that’s on there. People think they already know it. The difference between that song and this song is pretty drastic. That’s pretty much the realm that we’re in right now with this EP. 

To support it, you’re headlining along with Geoff Rickly on the Acoustic Basement Tour. You did a good amount of dates for the Basement this summer on Warped Tour. Are you excited to take it on the road in its first year? 
Oh yeah. It’s the most perfect timing. This EP was a thing where we were trying to figure out when the release date was going to be. We got a tour about the tour and it was February 1st. It was like, “That’s right around the release date, and this could be amazing.” And it all worked out really well. Now I have an EP coming out four days into the tour. The fact that it’s with Geoff too… It’s pretty special to me. Me and Geoff have toured all around the world together. It’s really nice to go and do our thing again together. Everyone else on the tour is close friends. We all were on Warped Tour together. I was actually not on the part that Geoff was on this summer, I missed out on that. But all the other guys, I toured with last summer. Its pretty killer and I think it’s pretty ideal for my situation as far as releasing this EP and having a cool tour to go out and do. 

Is it nice to be taking this first true stab at the solo world alongside trusted friends and support?
Definitely. I’m lucky to have the peers that I have. It is a really good support network. There’s a lot of people that I want to work with and people that I’m comfortable with; people that I know are pretty much going to let me do what I want to do. That’s all you need in life, you know? I just need people to get behind me and believe in what I’m doing at the same time. Just let me do it because I feel like I know what I’m doing at this point. 

That tour goes through the end of February and then you have some UK solo dates in April. Will you be playing other solo dates or doing other tours here and there? Until summer?
Yeah definitely. I’m always planning weekend trips and stuff like that, but there will be a solo tour. I will be playing solo on a tour this summer for about a month. It’s still coming together now so we’ll have to wait until it’s time to announce that. It’s gonna be super cool. 

So this year we’ll be seeing this and other focus on maybe Avalanche and Peaced Out as well?
Exactly. I’m going to be focused on touring on this. But I am going to record an Avalanche record, and we anticipate seeing a fall release for the record. As far as Peaced Out goes, I know that Choi has been working on some new music already. Him and Roger will be going to the mountains to write and record the new Peaced Out. Going to keep moving. I’m not going to give it a break. 

Depending on how this solo release goes, is this something you’d like to continue to do? Solo music in the future, when time allows?
Definitely. 100%. I’m always going to do this. I’m always going to release these records. It’s just one more thing that I do now. Now it’s actually real. I’m hoping that right now… I do have a box of inserts that I need to sign for people ordering stuff on the label. I’m just holding it like, “Woh. It’s here.” “It exists.” It’s really cool. And yeah it’s something that I am definitely going to keep doing. This wasn’t just like an, “Oh, let me try this.” It’s “Oh, let me do this.” You know? 

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