Paramore Post Update For Fans

by Zack Zarrillo - Jan 29, 2013

Paramore have posted an update on what the last couple weeks as a band have been like for them and their excitement for the future. Check it out below by clicking “Read More.”

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The last couple weeks have been so. intense. In the best way, though. We’ve been flying around everywhere telling everyone about the new album and honestly, it’s been such a relief. I’m just thankful we got here. Do you know what I’m talking about?

It’s been a few years. I don’t think I realized how long it’s actually been since we’ve put something new out there. Made ourselves 100% vulnerable again and handed the world another magnifying glass to look back into our lives. Intensity. But it’s about time! If there’s anything that I learned over the last couple of years it’s that there isn’t a doubt in my heart that this is what we are designed to do. Make music and connect to other people’s lives through whatever opportunities that music allows. It feels like we have a whole new chance. The 3 of us are so excited to take full advantage of this chance and all the possibilities that we’re given. So yeah, it’s already been intense but I’m down for whatever! 

Our first real single in agggggesssss came out last week. If you don’t know about it… well, it’s called “Now”. I like it a lot. Seems like we were waiting for so long to get it out there and now that it is, we’re just itching to put the whole album out. There’s no way to tell you what our album is like in words… I can’t describe the sound because there are A LOT of sounds. And though we really hope you’ll go buy the single, “Now” alone won’t even really explain what the entire album is about or what it all sounds like. Guess you’re just going to have to come along for the ride! And if you’re willing… we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Rehearsals later this week and a whole lot more interviews/photoshoots/and all the ridiculousness that is just a means to get to the shows ;) We’ll keep you posted! 

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