POZ Playlist: The Menzingers, Broadway Calls, Silver Snakes

by Zack Zarrillo - Jan 30, 2013


The Menzingers, Broadway Calls, and Silver Snakes are all out on tour this winter, and we’re putting all three bands together for a great new  PropertyOfZack Playlist feature. Check out The Menzingers’ dates here, Broadway Calls’ and Silver Snakes’ dates here, and check out the Playlists below while listening to the songs on Spotify and reading everyone’s thoughts!

After a long break we’ll be heading out on tour again. It’s a full United States and Canada run. That means plenty of early mornings and late night drives. I’m not a morning person. Actually, come to think of it, I fucking hate mornings with every last proton, neutron, and electron holding together my being in this dimension, as well as any other plain of existence my consciousness may bleed into. Maybe I just hate being torn from the infinite dream-scape, you know, the mind’s playground. Don’t get me wrong; I see beauty and all shades of light highlighting the treasures of this world both big and small. However for the first hour or so of the day I wish hardship to those close to me and eternal suffering to anyone who’s ever wronged me in the slightest way. If I had it my way I’d march through a field of kittens donning poisonous golf shoes whilst reigning fire and darkness from the heavens down upon anything that ever smiled. But only for about an hour……..
On the other side of the coin I very much enjoy staying up late. If there is late night driving to do I most often do it. I love how calm everything is, especially when everyone else in the van is sleeping. It’s normally just us, drunks, tractor trailers and the dark. My true passion is to listen the AM radio program ‘Coast to Coast.’ However in the middle of Wyoming it’s not always easy to pick up reliable signals. Seriously though, Coast to Coast is the bee’s knees.
This play-list is for sitting (or more likely laying) in the van early in the morning, and for driving late at night alone. The songs are upbeat for the most part. Actually the songs are dancey as a mo’fucka so get down. These are the songs that for one reason or another bring an energizing yet calming introspection that scratches the back of my mind and keeps me tapping in the twilight. I also had a little help on this one. - Tom May

I usually get sick of my ipod about a week into tour, but I was lucky enough to get some itunes giftcards for xmas, and so I’m all stocked up and ready to go. Here’s what I’m listening to:
Terry Malts - Killing Time
I saw these guys open for Comadre at their record release show. They’re a bay area band. Juan said they kind of sound like Thr\e Ramones, and this is true. They also sound like Joy Division kind of. And the whole thing is just soaked in this wild reverb and really fuzzy guitars. Some songs just have this really gnarly feedback throughout the whole thing in the background. Every song is insanely catchy. For a punk song check out No Good For You. For a rad mid tempo pop song listen to Tumble Down. 
Masked Intruder - S/T
I never gave them a chance for a really long time, because I usually hate gimmick bands. But these guys sound like Chixdiggit and I can NOT hate on that. 
Great Cynics - Like I Belong *Song is not on Spotify
This is the 2nd record from our friends Great Cynics. This trio is from the UK and this record isn’t out yet, but Giles sent it to me and I couldn’t be happier. Whenever this comes out, don’t sleep on it. Kind of sounds like Billy Bragg with a full rowdy band behind him, even though they’re only a trio. 
Comadre - S/T
These guys are some of our best friends and have been since before broadway calls even existed. This is a real DIY band and they continue to inspire me and surprise me with how amazing their new songs are. This is their best record of almost 10 years being a band. Listen to Cold Rain and if you don’t dig that bass line than I don’t think there is any help for you. 
Marvelous Darlings
This is Ben from Fucked Up’s power pop band and they rule. Kind of like Buzzcocks. Really catchy. Check the song I Don’t Wanna Go To The Party. 
Silver Snakes - Pictures Of A Floating World
I’m falling hard for this band. We’re currently on tour with them. Heavy. Incredible songs, tones, and riffs. Please just check out their whole record and go see them live. 
The Weakerthans - discography
You know these guys already and you know why I have their entire discography listed. Nobody else has ever written a song from a cat’s point of view that has made me get all choked up. Some of my favorite songs ever are on these releases. 
Bad Books - II
Manchester Orchestra and Kevin Devine making songs together. Their first record was great and their new one is even better. I saw them in Portland with about 100 other people and couldn’t believe more people weren’t there and I also couldn’t believe how perfect the band was. Listen to the song Pyotr and cry with me because a song about beheadings has never been more relatable. 
Hedwig And The Angry Inch Soundtrack 
My favorite musical. Glam rock/punk influenced songs about the life of Hedwig. Listen to the song Origin Of Love.

Sixteen Horsepower - Dead Run
*Song is not on Spotify
We went back to Canyon Diablo, AZ (ghost town) on this tour. This song was playing my head the entire time we were exploring the caves below the town. 
Soundgarden - Head Down
The bridge part is awesome, The timing is weird just like every other soundgarden song. Guitar tone is spot on.  
The Smashing Pumpkins - Hello Kitty Kat

Big fucking muff.
Weezer - Across The Sea
I am the air drumming champion of the world. This is my swan song. 
Cloud Nothings - Cut You
Best song on the record. Awesome lyrics. 
Radiohead - There, There
This song is just awesome. The overall feel is so unique. 
Whirr - Leave 
This song is awesome stuck in my head and I have no idea what they are saying. It’s a nice melody. 
Starflyer 59 - Blue Collar Love

Heavier than any hardcore band could ever hope to be.
Dr.Dre - Fuck You
Some fun dirty lyrics.
Aaliyah - More Than A Woman *Song is not on Spotify
Timbaland.. enough said.
Wovenhand - Sinking Hands 
Saw them in Albuquerque across town from where our show was on the same night. Life changer.  
OM - Kapilas Theme 
*Song is not on Spotify
The riffs are awesome. Smoke em if you got em. - Alex and Jeremiah  

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