POZ Review: Green Day - ¡DOS!

by Zack Zarrillo - Feb 9, 2013


*This review was composed by Brittany Oblak and edited by Erik van Rheenen

It’s hard to believe that not even quite a decade ago, the band responsible for “¡DOS!” received a handful of Grammy nods, had another platinum record on their hands, and in even later years made a musical out of their songs. Sadly enough, the truth is that with the poor decision to release this atrocious album, as well as two other albums in the package, this is where the once all-mighty Green Day stands today. No one was expecting an “American Idiot” performance, and certainly nothing compared to “Dookie” either, but this is more of a nightmare than anyone could have imagined.

The opening track, “See You Tonight,” plants misleading hope in your ears, as it is actually a decent song, probably the best on the album. Unfortunately, it also happens to be the shortest in length.  It has sweet harmonies and an appealing acoustic guitar with a Simon and Garfunkel vibe that makes you feel gypped that it ends so soon, leaving you stranded with the next monstrous track, “Fuck Time”. 

The rest of the tracks are completely insipid, with the exception of  “Stray Heart,” which is contagious and catchy at best and features that signature Green Day bass line, but still nothing that will send you over the moon.  The juvenile track “Makeout Party” seems like it shouldn’t be written by anyone over the age of 21, let alone a 41-year-old man with platinum albums in his pocket. Beside the immaturity of the track, it’s borderline creepy: “Hey, you got yourself a pretty little mouth/I think I wanna rub it the wrong way/Do you wanna spin a bottle, play a game of chicken?” The worst part, however, is that it actually gets worse than that. Way worse, thanks to a little gem titled “Nightlife.”

“Nightlife,” the lowlight of this entire album, features someone by the name of Lady Cobra who would appear to be a lesser — if this is even possible — version of Ke$ha, talking in a breathy voice the majority of the songs with lines like: “This is a circus and I know you’ll be my clown.” As awful as that line is, it may be somewhat appropriate considering the large majority of “¡DOS!” seems to be a poorly done circus with the band members as three big clowns, especially with this track playing in the background. As if the lyrics weren’t reason enough to give up on this song after about 5 seconds, it features Autotune that would make T-Pain depressed. 

The final track, “Amy”, a tribute to the late Amy Winehouse, although well intended, falls as flat as the rest of the songs. If you really want to pay homage to or remember the songstress, I would highly recommend just skipping this and throwing in “Back To Black” instead.  Although you would assume any band that releases three albums in a year is really trying, it’s hard to believe as far as Green Day is concerned at this point.  Between these songs that seem to be more jokes or rejected material, it seems impossible that there was any effort put into this at all. Especially given Green Day’s past accomplishments and the fact that most bands formed in the past 15 years might not be in the same place they are if not for this once gargantuan force. 

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