POZ Special: The Industry With Jesse Cannon

by Zack Zarrillo - Feb 9, 2013


Jesse Cannon, the man behind Cannon Found Soundation Recording Studios (Man Overboard, The Menzingers, Transit, Lifetime) and Musformation, is back with a great new Industry feature in our ongoing series. In this week’s feature, Jesse tackles MySpace’s failures, Warner purchasing Parlophone, Justin Bieber’s fifth number one record, music-related movies, and much more. Check it all out below!

If it wasn’t obvious to you already, the reinvention of MySpace under Justin Timberlake’s watchful eye has been a total failure. MySpace forgot a huge detail—what once made it a powerful tool was it was the ultimate fan and musician relationship builder. Now the fans are mostly absent from the service and MySpace has barely made space for these “connections.” If that weren’t enough, it seems that MySpace has also sucked up nearly every ability to be able to customise your page with outside services. Great job Timberlake, can’t wait to see what you do with Bud Light Platinum.

Warner Brothers Records has purchased Parlophone Records. Many in the industry are wondering why this move would come about when the label has been weak in current catalog but strong in back catalog for years. These people are idiots. Parlophone is home to Coldplay, Radiohead, Kate Bush, David Guetta, Daft Punk and some of Pink Floyd’s catalog. And if you haven’t noticed, we are about to legalise Marijuana in a lot of this country and these records are more enjoyable with the more of it you smoke (and pretty unenjoyable without it). Where others see stupidity, I see a vision.

My Bloody Valentine released one of the most teased records of all time (they have been teasing it longer than this site’s founder has been alive afterall). For many of us who were eagerly anticipating this release, we had to wait a few hours more long as their site crashed non-stop with the demand for this record. The release of the record did show one thing, when band’s don’t send out pre-releases and let the fans react at the same time as the critics, you can inspire a wave of praise and a more egalitarian look at your record. An interesting case for sure.

BandsInTown launched a cool version of their service in the form of a Spotify App. You can make the App show you when your favorite band’s are playing your area, as well as have the App make you a playlist of bands who are similar to the ones you like that are playing local to you. Technology rules.

If you read this column you are obviously interested in the music business and this week three of the coolest music movies were made available on the Internet:

Sound City - Dave Grohl’s documentary on the legendary studio namesake of the film does more than just tell a studio’s story. It shows what goes into the magic of record making, if you love music, watch this movie (on Amazon On Demand right now) on the best speaker you can find and enjoy how truly awesome this film is.
Searching For Sugarman - I am going to be honest, I haven’t seen this yet, but everyone loves a story of a musician who doesn’t even realize he is famous in another country and then makes a huge comeback. It is now up on Amazon Demand as well.
The Pirate Bay Movie - Many people don’t understand the whole story of torrents and how much good they can do in this world. This documentary is a great look at the subject. Check it here.

Justin Bieber has had five number one albums before his 19th Birthday. As AbsolutePunk’s Jason Tate points out “Justin Bieber has had five number one albums; Brand New hasn’t even released 5 full length albums.” Go cry.

Muse’s song “Madness” is now tied for being the longest running song on the Alternative chart. Who said rock is dead? Oh right… Everyone who realizes this is a dance song that is on the rock charts and thats what it took to achieve this great height of chart toppingness. Also if you didn’t realize dubstep is a plague, I hate to break it you, but it spread to your rock music chart.

Much like Skynet, the only way to fix Ticketmaster is to destroy it’s entire existence, but they did make a huge improvement to their service by finally getting rid of that stupid captcha. Now if only the rest of the Internet would catch on.

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