POZ Playlist: Allstar Weekend

by Zack Zarrillo - Feb 18, 2013


Allstar Weekend are out on tour with Cute Is What We Aim For for their final run before Warped, and the band was kind enough to do a PropertyOfZack Playlist feature. Check out the Playlist below while listening to the songs on Spotify and reading everyone’s thoughts!

Tidal Wave (Flosstradamus Remix) - Sub Focus

Trap is one of my favorite genres and Flosstradamus are great DJ’s and mixers. They really paved the way for a new hip hop in electronic music. Their remix to Tidal Wave is too clean. Like heaven. 
773 Love - Jeremih
R&B is my favorite type of music and this song brought me back to the ‘08 and ‘09 era of Pop R&B. It reminded me of a song that would be a fraternal twin to Chris Brown’s, “Take You Down” so I like it a lot.
16 Chapels - Travi$ Scott *Song is not on Spotify 
I’ve always been a fan of hip hop coming from Houston and that whole movement with Trill. This was like a breath of fresh air for me. His rapping and singing were on point the whole song. This is a real treat for rappers/producers.
Latch (Feat. Sam Smith) - Disclosure
I love the sounds used in this song. It’s a very minimalist approach to electronic R&B style vocals. It has a certain heart-warming feeling to it.
Spectrum - Zedd
Great instrumental mixed with awesome vocal rifts. This song is a perfect to listening to if you want to rage.
I Don’t Like - Kanye West
Because it’s my go to song whenever I’m trying to get pumped up. It’s great song to work out to. - Cameron
Ho Hey - The Lumineers
Because I think it’s a really simple and sweet song that talks about how some dude just really loves some girl. I’m a sap for folky love songs. The End. 

Bad Religion - Frank Ocean 
I’m a huge
fan and that one really shows off how incredible his vocals are. He kills it live!
Cola - Lana Del Rey 
The lyrics in this song are incredibly mind-blowinh. Lana Del Rey displays a sexy, smooth tone over an awesome background of melody. 
Some Nights - fun. 
This song has an energy that is familiar but different. It has an uplifting quality and always reminds me of a time I sang this song at a wedding. - Zach 

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