Morning Recap: blink 26-Song Set, fun. On Being 12 Year Artists, FOB Drummer Still In SXE Band

by Zack Zarrillo - Feb 21, 2013

blink-182 26 Song, Double Encore Australian Set List

Look at this thing. This is absurdity. 

fun. Comment On Winning Best New Artist As 12-Year Veterans

If you missed it, fun. mentioned that they’d been hard working musicians for twelve years now, as they accepted their Best New Artist Grammy award. It frustrated some, made some laugh, and made some wonder what were they doing before “We Are Young” took off. An interesting read.

Dashboard Confessional’s Future Is Uncertain

Chris Carrabba does not seem to be wanting to fall back on a name that he can snap his fingers to be successful. Further Seems Forever was a fun project for Carrabba to revisit, and now it seems like he needs to create another as well. I would not imagine that Dashboard Confessional is dead, but that Carrabba feels constrained by it and does not care for the money he is “losing” by not touring on it right now.

Fall Out Boy Drummer Staying In Straight Edge Hardcore Band

Many thought our Fall Out Boy “rumor” could not be true because Andy Hurley was in another band. Guess what? Well, he still is in that band.

Daylight Announce ‘Jar’; Stream New Song

It’s fantastic to see how much a band can progress is so little time. Daylight may have a very big year ahead of them in 2013. Imagine if Daylight and Basement were bands 20 years ago? 

Never Shout Never Finish Recording ‘Sunflower’

Sunflower is done, just months after the release of Indigo. One must ask if Christofew Drew is writing, recording, and releasing music a tad too fast now-a-days.

Man Overboard Announcement Today; Band Offers 20% Merch Code

A slight delay happened in Man Overboard’s plans, and they’re offering a nice code to tide fans over. 

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