Bled Fest Post Update On Festival Capacity

by Zack Zarrillo - Feb 21, 2013


Bled Fest has a chance of selling out this year, and the organizers behind the festival have released a note to fans urging them to be prepared with tickets early, and not late. Read it below by clicking “Read More.”

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So here’s something we haven’t really told you yet. As we build what is potentially the most monumental Bled Fest lineup of all time, earlier this year, the school district did some construction in the building, which has cut our capacity by quite a bit. Which means that for the first time, Bled Fest has a very, very good chance of selling out this year. Which means that I’d mark your calendars for March 1 as the time that you need to buy your tickets. The capacity where it is now would have sold out the past 3 years. 

Don’t assume that there will be tickets available at the door like you’ve been able to do in years past. There might be, but with the higher profile lineup, if we get the few more “big” ones we’re shooting at, this thing could sell out in advance. 

Word? Word.

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