PropertyOfZack Interview : : A Rocket To The Moon

by Zack Zarrillo - Apr 6, 2011


PropertyOfZack is thrilled to be posting our new interview with Nick Santino of A Rocket To The Moon. Nick was kind enough to speak to me as the On Your Side tour began and we chatted about the headliner, album delays, possible release times, and more. Read up and enjoy below!

For the record, could you please state your name and role in A Rocket To The Moon?
My name is Nick Santino and I sing and play guitar in A Rocket To The Moon.
How have the first few nights of your headlining tour with Anarbor, Valencia, Runner Runner, and Go Radio been?
They’ve been awesome. The first night was rough, but we got through it. Last night was a lot of fun, it was New York City. It was our first time headlining in New York City, and the show was sold out. That’s kind of something to brag about. We had our label, manager, and a lot of friends come out. I think the show went well and the kids were really excited to be there.
This is A Rocket To The Moon’s first headliner. Were there nerves at all to make this the best tour the band had ever done? The support is great as well.
Definitely. Not even nerves because we’re headlining, but nerves because we haven’t played together in three and a half months. We took a little break off for the winter between tours to prep for our headliner. Going back into the game is stressful. There are a lot of nerves. Us headlining and playing for an hour and a half on top of that is a whole mess of nerves.
POZ: Is it cool playing such a long set?
Nick: Yeah, but its tiring for me because I have to sing. My chest feels like it’s going to collapse by the end of it. Other than that, it’s amazing. It’s cool to play our whole set of songs. We have like seventeen songs in our list.
Was there a certain reason that the band picked now to do the headliner?
We figured that we were putting an end to our record cycle for On Your Side and we hadn’t done a headliner, so we figured the best way to end the first record cycle before a break would be to go out with a bang. It’s been really successful so far. We have a handful of dates that are sold out and that are selling out. It’s pretty cool.
The band released The Rainy Day Sessions back in October. How has the reception to those five tracks been in the past five months or so?
It was awesome. We put some bluegrass style in it. We had friends from Larkin Poe that were helping us out. They were just two sisters from the deep south of Georgia and they’re really, really talented musicians and vocalists. They added this sound to our acoustic EP that was something that we wanted to add and didn’t know how to add it. We found them and it was just the perfect match. People took it really well. We’re country/bluegrass fans. I think they took it pretty well.
How did including Larkin Poe on the release come about?
Our manager was working with them. It used to be three sisters, but one of them got married, so now it’s just the two of them. Our manager was working with them before that, and he knew we were into that scene, so he showed us their group. It ended up being really awesome.
Was it primarily released for the All Time Low tour?
We actually recorded that a year before, but we just sat around waiting for a goo time to release it. We just did it because that was a big tour and needed something new to push.

Will we be seeing any of the songs on the release in a different form on the band’s sophomore LP?
It was just something to do for the EP because the original songs were on On Your Side. The next record is going to be all fresh.
What exactly is the status on the next record at this point? Last we heard you guys were going to begin writing in January.
Yeah, we were going to start writing, but then I had a little family issue and we had to postpone our trip to Nashville to start writing. We’re going to do it in June and start writing then. We’ll go into the studio in the summer and hopefully release something by early next year.
Are there many ideas floating around right now?
We throw ideas around to each other every single day; lyrics, guitar parts, etc. We have ideas. We’re always flowing every single day.
How would you compare the initial sound and vibe of the record to On Your Side?
I think it’s going to be similar. We’re reaching for the same fan base, but we’re going to put more of our influences in our record. On Your Side has amazing songs, but we just want to add more of the music that we listen to into our sound. We’re all big country fans, so we’re going to try to add soul to it, but without overdoing it. We want to gain new fans and keep the old ones too.
Is writing with the band as a whole easier two years later considering you guys have all grown together now?
Definitely. When we wrote the first record we were only friends for a year, but here we are two years later and we know each other and how each other work. Writing will be a lot easier.

Will you guys be writing with anyone in Nashville?
We have a couple connections in Nashville in terms of songwriters. We kind of want to test the waters. We’ve never done that before. The whole On Your Side record was written by Justin and I. We want to go to Nashville to meet some of the writers that wrote our favorite songs and to see if they’ll help us out. I think we’re going to try it for something new. Can’t hurt to try it out.
When is the goal to finish up by and hit the studio?
Hopefully by the end of this year. I’d love to finish the writing by the summer, go into the record by the fall.
Has a producer been picked?
We have a couple ideas. They’re dream producers that we’d like to go with. We haven’t figured anybody out yet. We’re going to wait until we have songs to show them.
Definitely an early-2012 release?
Hopefully. I don’t want to make any promises. Originally On Your Side was supposed to come out in the summer, and it didn’t.
And you guys will be staying on Fueled By Ramen?
Yeah, Fueled By Ramen.
Youl’ll be heading to the UK Mayday and We Are The In Crowd. How stoked are you guys for that one?
That’s gonna be great. We haven’t been over there before. This is our first time touring and seeing our UK fans. It’s going to be something new for us.
Should we expect any more touring announcements, or will that be it until you’re done in the studio?
I don’t think so. We’re just going to be doing the UK, then writing, then some Six Flags dates maybe. No tours for the rest of the year so we can do this record.
Thanks so much for your time, is there anything else you’d like to add or that we should be on the lookout for?
If anybody wants to come out to the tour, come out. Pick up some tickets and hang out with us.

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