blink-182 Announce ‘TOYPAJ’ Vinyl Pressing; Bonus 7”s, MH Foreword To Be Included

by Zack Zarrillo - Feb 25, 2013


blink-182's Take Off Your Pants And Jacket is coming to vinyl two years later following major mishaps from Mightier Than Sword Records. The pressing comes via Shop Radio Cast and will be limited to 2,500 copues with a foreword from Mark Hoppus and 7” bonus tracks as well. Pre-order it here and check out the announcement and vinyl info below by clicking “Read More.” 

Shop Radio Cast are proud to announce the release of Blink 182’s “Take Off Your Pants and Jacket" LP with three bonus 7". Tests have been approved and the project has entered the final production stages. We anticipate these to be ready in April however, we have set release date  for May 7, 2013 to avoid running into any delays from Record Store Day pressings. The first pressing will be limited to a total of 2,500 copies and will include a never before released foreword written by Mark Hoppus. Complete details are as follows:

Vinyl Info:
- Triple Panel Gatefold jacket with 7” Inserts
- Each 7” housed in a glue pocket jacket with a full color CMYK insert
- LP is housed in a full color Inner Sleeve
- First pressing, limited to 2,500 include Mark Hoppus Foreword
- First pressing LP is pressed 180 Gram Black and includes a yellow, green and red 7”.

Acknowledging this was to be previously released by another label, Shop Radio Cast is offering a priority pre order and a 10% discount to those who previously pre ordered with proof of purchase. To receive the 10% discount and assure advance pre order:

1.) Sign up an account at if you do not have one. Do not sign up for an account if you already have one.
2.) Email the following info to

  • Proof of purchase – Email confirmation or a screen shot of Paypal payment
  • The email address you used to sign up to at

Advance Pre Orders will occur early March, however we encourage those who purchased to set up their advance purchase and discount immediately.

Here are the answers to a few FAQ’s we anticipate:

1.)  Can I buy the 7” without the LP?
No. Unfortunately due to licensing restrictions the 7” are not to be sold separately and are only allowed to be sold as a LP &3x7” bundle.

2.) When will pre orders launch?
Pre orders will launch early March. Those who previously ordered this who follow the instructions above will receive an advance pre order, allowing them to purchase 48 hours prior to the public. We will announce both the public and advance pre order date and time next week.

3.) What is the same and what is different about how this is being pressed?
The artwork components will remain the same as they were supposed to be. Each set will include a reverse cardboard triple panel gatefold with three 7” pockets. Each 7” will be housed in a full color glue pocket with insert. The LP will be housed in a full color inner sleeve. There will be NO gold foil ‘10th anniversary’ stamp on any of the copies.

We have changed the vinyl pressing from various variants to one variant. We have done this to match the foreword quantities allowing an opportunity for people to purchase this without having to compete for various colors.

4.) Will you repress once first pressing is sold out?
We are not sure at this time. We do know that after this the foreword will never be released again. As well if we press with the bonus 7” again, they will not be on color.

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