POZ Stream: Steady Hands (Ft. Modern Baseball Members) - The Libertines

by Zack Zarrillo - Mar 13, 2013


PropertyOfZack is happy to be streaming Steady Hands’ brand new EP, The Libertines. The band is lead by Modern Baseball drummer Sean Huber. The EP is now out via Lame-O Records and you can download it here and stream it below by clicking “Read More!”

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    Modern Baseball and Homeboy Sepa killin’ it.
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    The Libertines is incredible and you need to listen to it right now. Real proud of you Steady Hands.
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    I’ve been Listening to this EP since the release party. Check this out yo
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    Hey everybody one my BFFs put on an EP and Property of Zack was nice enough to stream the entire record.
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    We are all really stoked for Sean, seeing him be a punk dad and what-not. Check out The Libertines, if you haven’t...
  15. xspunj13x said: I wish bands would do their research when naming themselves. there’s already another established/touring band called Steady Hands that is not this band.
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    Super excited for this, go check this out if you havent already!!!
  17. plasticburning said: "So I’ll leave the Steady Hands to Sean" I GET IT NOW
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