Now, Now Pull Off Fake Problems Tour For New Record

by Zack Zarrillo - Apr 13, 2011

Now, Now have announced that they have unfortunately had to drop off of the Fake Problems tour that starts tomorrow. The good news is however that the band will be hopping off of the tour in order to finish up their new material so they can hit the studio in May to record their sophomore LP! The full update from Now, Now can be read here and a portion of it can be read below by clicking “Read More.”

As most of you know, we have spent the past year working very diligently on writing a new record. We were initially supposed to record it in October, and then November, and then January, and then February, and then March, and so on and so forth. But we have finally locked down studio dates to get this thing moving- May 28th. Because the Fake Problems tour would be ending just a couple of weeks before that date, we wouldn’t have had enough time to prepare all of our new material, and clear our heads after so many straight months of touring. We are working tremendously hard on this record and making it something really great, that we can feel good about and that all of you can feel good about, too. We haven’t released a full length in a very long time, so we gotta be sure we make y’all proud. And for all these reasons we felt we needed to not go through with the tour. It was incredibly last minute, which we apologize for, but the studio dates were not locked down until recently, and we had to make this extremely tough call.

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