POZ Exclusive: Details Of Last Night’s Run In With Homophobia At The Wonder Years Tour

by Zack Zarrillo - Mar 28, 2013


As most people have read by now, a situation erupted last night at a venue called Empire in Virginia when the promoter of The Wonder Years' show, Tyler Greene, called Misser's merch man a “faggot.” The situation was resolved by The Wonder Years' merch and crew member, Floyd James. PropertyOfZack is happy to be bringing you a short interview with Floyd on what exactly occurred last night and his thoughts on our scene taking a stance against homophobia. You can read the interview and additional commentary on the night as a whole from Floyd below by clicking “Read More.” 

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Can you run us through the story of what happened last night?
It started when the venue came to collect their merch cut. We figured out after that they been crappy towards everyone on the tour the entire night. There was an attitude from the venue staff around the merch cut. They didn’t trust the cut Misser’s merch guy was giving them, and that’s when another rep came over and got involved. I really gave him a hard time about it. He never counted in or counted out, so he couldn’t claim that he thought he made more than Misser were giving him. He said he was basing it on the honor system, which he wasn’t, because he didn’t trust us. This was over $3. He was handed $7 and he claimed he should have gotten $10. 

He said, “Well, if you’re going to be a faggot about it…” He never got a chance to finish his sentence. That’s when I immediately yelled at him to get out of my site and that he wasn’t collecting a merch cut from anyone. He got on the phone and ran into his office and locked himself away. Once ourTM got word, he and the rest of our tour went up to speak with him about it. He, at first, was completely unapologetic and felt there was nothing wrong with what he said or did. It took a good ten or more minutes to get to get into his head why he was a failure as a promoter.

Note: Tyler defended his actions by saying, “I didn’t call him a faggot, I said ‘If you’re gonna be a faggot about it..’” 

Is that how the situation resolved? Did the merch situation get sorted out?
At the end, I made him give back the merch cut he took back from all the bands. I told him he was getting no merch cut for his actions and that none of my friends would be giving him anymore tours. I can’t imagine who would want to book through him.

This is something that’s been happening more and more at venues lately, or it’s at least getting spoken about. In your personal opinion, are you glad that situations like these are coming to light?
These people have always existed and there are always going to be people who think that way. Knowing there’s people in this scene that speak this way is what’s disheartening. I think you’re seeing now that there’s more of a meaning to the scene than just music. It’s always been that, but it seemed to not be for a while. Bands like Hostage Calm are bringing back more of a message and are having more conviction. You’re seeing more people take a stand and realize that it takes everyone. The message has to be sent. Not to some bands, but to fans. You can’t cave in and go to his shows if your favorite bands play there. You have to say no and show your bands that you’re not going to go to a show there. It takes everyone getting involved, and you’re starting to see more of that. Bands are putting that out more. It was always there, but finally people are getting behind it and are realizing that we all need to stand behind it. If a band plays here or Rocketown, I’ll walk out the door. Bands and fans have to take a stand. Stand behind the message you believe in. If you do, these people won’t be involved with the scene anymore.

Other events from the show:
- At one point a staff member knocked a drink out of Torre from Misser’s hand because they didn’t see his wristband under his shirt sleeve.
- Tyler went up to Tymm Rengers of Fireworks, who was sick and asleep in the dressing room, and said, “Hey motherfucker, you need to get up and clear the room.”

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