POZ Interview: Weatherbox

by Zack Zarrillo - Apr 4, 2013


Senior Writer Jesse Richman had the chance to catch up with Brian from Weatherbox at SXSW for a new interview. Jesse and Brian discussed South By, having a new record all but finished, shopping to labels, touring, and more.  Check it all out below!

How has South By been treating you?
South By has been really great for us. We got kind of lucky because we don’t have a label, but all these really nice labels let us play on their showcases like Topshelf, Bridge Nine, and also Kill Rock Stars, which was our official showcase. 
POZ: So you were an official South By band this year?
Brian: Yeah, which hasn’t happened since like 2007. We’ve been a band since 2005. We came out in 2010 but we weren’t official, we were only there for two days. This has been really fun.
POZ: Have you had the chance to see other bands yet?
Brian: Just some of the bands we’ve played with like Loma Prieta, Caravels. I wanted to see Pissed Jeans really bad, and they’re fucking amazing, but they played the exact same time as us on the one official showcase we had. That was the only show they’re doing.
POZ: How was the official showcase for you? Those lineups can be strange.
Brian: This is a label showcase, but we were definitely the odd heavier band there. Mostly it was lighter music, but we were stoked to do it.

Weatherbox has a big fanbase, but you’ve been quiet has a band lately. Are you getting more active now?
We have a new record that we recorded. After trying to mix it ourselves with friend’s help, we realized we were in over our heads. Now we’re slowly getting to the point where we have some money and want to mix it. It’s been a really long, drawn out process. We were mixing it for six months before we decided to go with the guy who did our last shit. We were starting to think that somehow we fucked it all up, like maybe we had recorded it wrong. Finally, after at least six months of mixing, the guy who did our last stuff did a test mix and it sounds perfect. 
POZ: So the issue wasn’t the recordings.
Brian: Now we’re at the point where we’re getting back to work on it. So that’s been going on. We also had a really awesome tour with Bad Books and The Front Bottoms.

How did that tour go?
It was great! That was really fun. Andy’s been a good friend, and all the guys in Manchester have been good friends of ours. 
POZ: The drummer, Ben Homola, is down here too for his new project with Chris Carrabba.
Brian: I guess he’s playing right down the street. We played with Further Seems Forever when they were out in California. We’ve gotten really lucky. We played with Finch and The Starting Line for their ten years, and Further Seems Forever.I don’t know how it happened, really. We just kind of lucked out. And the Jealous Sound, too. They’re great.
POZ: How were the crowds on the Bad Books tour?
Brian: We’ve done two huge tours, and now three, just based on dumb luck. The first was Cartel, and that was too much of a stretch. Their fans didn’t give a shit about any of the opening bands. It was still fun, but stressful. Say Anything, which I thought would’ve been a good match, but it didn’t really work out. I didn’t think this [Bad Books] tour was going to be as big as it was. Right before we left, Bad Books started doing really well on satellite radio. All the venues got bumped up to bigger places. All the shows were sold out, we were playing to like 1,100 people, and it was actually kids who were interested in what we were doing, rather than kids who were just there to see something else. 

Is it tough to be in front of that big of a crowd, who don’t know the music?
We don’t really try to win them over. I’ve never been good at engaging with an audience, so we kind of just do what we do. Hopefully some kids dig it. If we’re playing a headlining show, we’d play a totally different set. So we’re engaging in that way. But it’s always been kind of hard to deal with a crowd of 200, let alone 1,100..

So the album is in the can, are you looking for a partner to put it out?
We’re basically trying to gauge some options. We put the last EP out ourselves; Youth Conspiracy did the vinyl, we did the CDs. They did the reissue of our first album and the Person L split too. Doing it ourselves was awesome, but it’s a lot. When we toured on it, kids would hit us up two weeks later and say “you guys are my favorite band, you came through my town two weeks ago and I had no idea.” Without promotion, it’s kind of impossible to really do what we do at such a small level. Unless every fan we’ve ever had is always on Facebook, which isn’t the case for us.

You also have a split coming out with Sainthood Reps on Topshelf. Were those songs that were originally cut for the new album?
Sainthood Reps are good buddies of ours, and they wanted to do something with Topshelf. Topshelf just asked us. They told us they’d give us money to go into a studio and record it. We were stoked. We have a couple records worth of unreleased songs to pick from. We have this one I wanted to be on the next record called “Big News” that we didn’t get to record. We unfortunately didn’t play it today, but we have played it a couple times on this tour. 

by Jesse Richman

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